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Research or project work in the field of Biotechnology

The main objective of my purpose of application is that to work efficiently and contribute my best and my ideas in the research or project work in the field of Biotechnology I have a keen interest to work with scientists and delegates who are working in abroad as it is my long term strategy and contribute my best ever efforts for the development of the project and to and to serve the mankind and the world through my valuable contributions in the field of Biotechnology This program also gives platform for the young undergraduates to enhance their laboratory practical and research experiences which would be a great honorary opportunity for me and will be more prestigious to my growing carrier I would me full dedication and work hard for the research work I am keenly interested in the field of Microbiology I possess and always will follow good laboratory practices during my Microbiology laboratory I want to contribute to the research work in the field of microbiology My area of study and review are the EXTREMOPHILIC microorganisms and Industrial Biotechnology My idea is to produce biofuels from the 2nd Generation agricultural feedstocks which includes Saccharide wastes like sugarcane bagasse corn stover rice straw food wastes disposed off These biomass wastes are a rich source of cellulose lignocellulose hemicellulose etc The extremophiles are microorganisms that are robust to various harsh climatic environments They include thermophiles psychrophiles halophiles barophiles acidophiles alkalophiles dinococcus etc 

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