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7 percent is the overall injury rate in NCAA men's soccer

Soccer Injuries 7 7 percent is the overall injury rate in NCAA men s soccer per 1 000 athlete exposures practices and games combined Many people around the world in all different countries love to either play the sport or watch it It may not be the top sport in the U S but It s up there One of the most popular sports in the world is soccer As with any physical activity there is risk of injury There are many common soccer injuries but by taking certain precautions one can reduce the risk and maximize playing time Soccer can cause very serious injuries Specific Types Of Injuries You Can Get When playing the sport either at practice or at a game you might be very unlucky and pick up and injury Ligaments and muscles are usually what soccer players injure for example ACL tears and also hamstrings are a big one for soccer players according to the NCAA men s soccer injuries it says Soccer players are uniquely susceptible to muscle strains and ligament sprains due to the quick changes in direction lateral movements pivoting and the rapid accelerations and decelerations involved in the sport The hamstrings adductors groin and other muscles around the hip and thigh are particularly susceptible Pulling a hamstring or hammy as some people refer to it is a huge one for soccer players A tear where the tendon and muscle attach is a hamstring strain Knee injuries are often occurred too for soccer players Two types of syndromes in the knee are Patellofemoral pain syndrome and Iliotibial Band Syndrome The Iliotibial Band Syndrome is usually pain that is felt on the outside of your knee lateral The Patellofemoral pain syndrome or also referred to as Runner s knee this pain is usually around the kneecap or underneath it These are only some of the many knee injuries syndromes you can get According to NCAA men s soccer page it shows the injury breakdown percentage 5 5 is concussions 4 3 is Head face and neck 6 2 is upper limb 14 7 is torso and pelvis 65 6 is lower lumbar and 3 7 is other 

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