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Analyze the famous renaissance painter Michelangelo

This paper will analyze the famous renaissance painter michelangelo and his distinguished staircase for the library at san lorenzo and how it is believed to be a piece that discarded the classical humanist way It is well known that the renaissance gave birth to many beloved works of art most of which were inspired by the humanist perspective a perspective that underlined the importance of the hear and now contrary to the previous era the dark ages where it was heavily believed that prime existence came in the afterlife the humanist movement was one that valued logic and intellectual exploration sayre 7 it was a rather concrete state that michelangelo may have felt hinged his creative persona because of this michelangelo went against the then norm and Asserted his independence from the structure of tradition sayre 60 Because this paper is centered around michelangelo and beliefs that were brought on the rebirth it is important to understand how it is that individuals arrived in that period of revival 

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