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Stereotypes The Breakfast Club is a film made in 1985

Stereotypes The Breakfast Club is a film made in 1985 that was produced written and directed by Hughes John This movie takes a look at five different teenagers that all come from completely different social groups each teenager is a labeled a different stereotype The princess the jock the brains the criminal and the basket case are all confined in detention Saturday at Shermer High School At the beginning they simply ignore each other and stick to their labeled stereotype Throughout the movie they discover that they are more than a stereotype and they can all get along despite their stereotypes In life and especially in high school everyone is labeled as a stereotype or part of a clique each person is put into a different category Throughout this movie I definitely connected to a few of the characters stereotypes Starting with the stereotypes that I do not relate to is Claire Standish prom queen and miss popular she s viewed by the other students as the entitled rich snob I do not connect with the princess stereotype my friends would not put me in the same stereotype category as her Next is John Bender he is viewed as the stereotypical criminal rebel Bender is the bad boy who hides drugs in his locker and picks fights The people in my life would definitely not put me into this stereotype category Up next is Brian Johnson the typical brainy nerd stereotype Brian is all about getting the best grades he's in all the stereotypical clubs and he constantly has to deal with academic pressure from his parents 

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