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US Government has undergone difficulties in solving gun Violence

The current US Government has undergone difficulties in solving gun violence and it's becoming complicated every day The institution government officers and the public have faced challenges over the past years concerning the rapid growth of mass shooting in the country These groups of individuals with common goal fight every day to come up with the solution towards solving the matter positively In the past a high percentage of the population believed that gun violence only took place in the middle of the problem affects the individuals living in the outlying district and rural areas The epidemic has affected many educational institutions such as grade school high school schools in the midst of a city and campuses The Congressional Research Service reported an estimate of over seventy eight mass shooting revealed between 1983 and 2012 Bjelopera 2013 These dangerous occasions has resulted in at least 540 casualties and nearly 480 injured persons Nevertheless these violent shootings have been different over the duration of time and its evidence that this type of incidents has increased in the past five years and indicate a clear positive inclination each year since the 20th century 

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