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Having adult responsibilities means that people will start to be Dependent

Having adult responsibilities means that people will start to be dependent on other people and that they have a responsibility to help meet their needs such as a responsibility towards ones family Often those responsibilities can be forced upon someone due to certain circumstances and as a result their personality can completely change That is the situation with Grete in Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka that due to the ramification of taking care of her brother s condition Grete s overall character changes into that of a responsible adult but in the process she becomes a cruel person Grete character in the story starts out as a quite and naive girl who prefers to stay in the background and is sensitive enough to suddenly start crying when she tries to get her brother out of his bedroom Before Gregor's condition Grete couldn't do anything on her own and wasn't a dependable person As she depended on her brother to take care of her and provide for her every basic need since he worked and took care of all of her expenses Grete wasn't considered a reliable person to her family as they couldn't really count on her to help them in certain situations An example of this is when her brother needed someone like Grete to help persuade the chief clerk and talk him out of his current state but she was too busy crying and was not there But his sister was not there Gregor would have to do the job himself Grete was expected to help out in this situation since Grete would ve been able to persuade him out of his shocked state but was instead being unreliable and emotional by crying and not being there to help 

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