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Pre existing health issues are no joke

Pre existing health issues are no joke Especially when it comes to trying to nd coverage for burial life insurance Just look at the list For the majority of pre existing conditions it is relatively easy to qualify for burial insurance For most of the conditions on the list to the left you are covered by at least one at often times many insurance companies On the rare chance that you fall under the category where it is di cult to obtain burial insurance you can always nd a company that o ers guaranteed issue life insurance plans They o er no medical underwriting which allows you to bypass any issues caused due to your health If you are wondering how preexisting health conditions a ect your ability on ending final expense insurance without breaking the bank look no further Burial Insurance Pro s are here to help you get a better understanding on your pre existing conditions and help you understand what limitations or coverage is available to your speci c condition Determining Eligibility When it comes to signing up for burial insurance most companies will assess your health to gure out what you qualify for They will look at the following three things health question answers prescription history MIB le for relevant records Upon reviewing this information they will have a better understanding of your medical history and will be able to come up with their terms of your eligibility This entire process can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few days 

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