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Walmart Codes of Conduct CofC

Walmart Codes of Conduct CofC It is a legal document drafted that multinational corporation MNC requiring their supply firms including sub contractor to contractually agree and meet their codes of conduct It allows them to set up different boundaries according to reality as there is no such one size fits all Walmart has promoted a responsible sourcing program of their own It is being developed under four major measurement setting expectations for the supplier auditing and monitoring training and promoting responsibility Referring to the issue earlier that workers are either beaten up or threaten to work in Rana Plaza Walmart has emphasized on refining from corporal punishment harassment threatening behavior and abuse including when imposing discipline Walmart Besides according to Walmart s standard for supplier report they require the suppliers to be aware of involuntarily labor such as migrants women and young people Walmart Besides fire safety regulation has clearly indicated that factories that fell within serval high risk categories were asked to shift production to other facilities Walmart

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