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Australia derived from Gallipoli modern Canada from Vimy Ridge

One historian has said Modern Australia derived from Gallipoli modern Canada from Vimy Ridge which shows how far-reaching effect the war had on Canada Inevitably the nation was negatively affected by the war however positive changes also occurred and advanced national development In the following paragraphs the remarkable influence of the world war 1 on Canada will be discussed with regards to social economy and politics In the society the status of women was greatly affected by the world war 1 Before the war women traditionally stayed at home and take care of the children while their husbands were working outside Nevertheless after the warfare broke men had to leave Canada for the war so women replaced men in offices factories schools etc They participated in many activities that made contributions to the war in Europe and their home front For instance due to the demand for labor a number of women formed the nucleus of munitions industry workers BBC 

Moreover with the start of the 1915 provincial election in Manitoba women in the country began to won the right to vote and finally realized their goal in 1918 which is considered as brilliant historic progress towards the gender equality in Canada Hence during the world war 1 the achievement done by women gradually reduced the opposition by men against acknowledging the abilities of women and their status increasingly improved

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Lyme Disease Explanation

When one thinks of a tick they typically think of a pesky bug they sometimes find on themselves after a day of hiking or something they occasionally pull off one of their pets However these seemingly innocuous pests can carry and transmit a disease known as Lyme Disease Lyme disease is transmitted through the bite of a black legged or deer tick It is caused by the bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi The symptoms are similar to those of the flu Lyme disease infects around 300 000 people per year making it a relatively common disease Boys aged 5 9 are the most common cases however it can affect everyone especially children and people who work outside often Lyme disease is an ancient disease In fact an autopsy performed on a 5 300 year old mummy found that the bacteria that causes Lyme Disease was present Alfred Buchwald described the rash that accompanies Lyme Disease called erythema migrans more than 130 years ago Although this disease is old it was only recognized in the United States in the 1960 s and 70 s The bacteria which causes Lyme Disease was not classified until the 1980 s The 1970 s is when Lyme Disease seems to have become prevalent A group of children and some adults from mainly Lyme Connecticut developed mysterious symptoms These included swollen knees paralysis skin rashes headaches and severe chronic fatigue No one could figure out what was causing these symptoms so the patients were undiagnosed and untreated Because of the severeness of these symptoms and the fact that no one knew what was causing them two mothers became extremely persistent They took notes conducted research and contacted scientists Because of their persistence scientists and other members of the medical community began to look into the group They found that the children all had a skin rash which was then followed by conditions similar arthritis Another surprising piece of information was that they all remembered being bitten by a tick By the mid 1970 s researchers called this newfound disease Lyme based on its city of origin The 1980 s marked the discovery of the bacteria

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