Essay Example on Looks like god created the world and left it to humans to engineer and Manage









STATEMENT OF PURPOSE Looks like god created the world and left it to humans to engineer and manage it If only we humans improve our engineering skills better the world would be a happier place to live in Engineering and Technology are used in abundant proportion to explore nature and natural resources for producing products and services I am certain that most important aspect for us to sustain the growth and national prosperity is how well we are able to manage our Engineering and Technology It is imperative to dovetail technology integrally with all other business activities of an organization if we are to achieve the desired business activities I believe a course in Engineering will help in improving my ability to apply methods of engineering analysis in real life situations and achieve the best resource utilization be it time money energy materials etc In school I was not attracted to any particular subject although I liked Science Mathematics But in due course I developed a deep kinship towards Engineering Electronics being field of my interest I enrolled for Diploma in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering at Thakur Polytechnic My penchant for the subject saw me join Thakur College of Engineering to pursue my undergraduate bachelor of engineering in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering 

The core subjects that I studied in the B E were Mobile Communication Digital Communication Image Video Processing Operating System Data Encryption Decryption Microprocessor etc The more I studied topics such as these the more I was convinced that the ideal way to complete my education would be via a master s from the best universities in the world And that helped me to narrow down the possibility to just one nation the USA Currently I am working on project Energy Management System which comprises of various functions such as automatic meter reading by creating a database threshold based electricity supply In 2015 I did an internship program for 2 months at Data Voice Solutions Pvt Ltd During this program I got detail information regarding working of arduino and microcontrollers on various applications I also underwent a two month internship program at Primus Techsystems Pvt Ltd in 2017 where I was placed as a management trainee in order to grasp knowledge regarding how things are managed and done in the company I believe in the saying A man should know something about everything and everything about something Keeping in mind the enormity of this statement I have always tried to strike the right balance between my co curricular and extracurricular activities from representing my college in almost all cultural and sports festival 

I have represented myself as the Sports Secretary of Thakur Polytechnic in my diploma final year I have also participated in various sports events like Football Table Tennis Carrom etc at district as well as at state level and have worked for an NGO Merito Charitable Trust for around five years by supporting and helping them in numerous activities like blood donotion camps book donation camps etc I also attended seminars on Ethical Hacking were the importance of secured data encryption and communication was shared at great extent These myriad seminars and presentations helped me understand the role of computer science and information systems in the world of technology and enhanced my desire to increase my ken in this amazing field Boundless possibilities of trying out the instant knowledge of the outcome that stimulates one for further analysis of a rationale in question is what I find most appealing about Management Information System Keeping up an inquisitive and explorative attitude I believe leads to constant learning processes While undergraduate study is involved in equipping a student with the ground and basic rules of a subject it only provides him a broad approbation of the field

Graduate study provides the in depth knowledge and perfect atmosphere to pursue research in a particular field and thus gain a better perception of the subject I believe it will also serve to give direction to my goal of a career as a computer and information systems manager at industrial as well corporate level organizations I aim to pursue an M S and finally a PhD in the field of Management Information System to reach that goal An MS in Management Information System will help me prepare for leadership roles in engineering practice computer system analyst Management Information System is a discipline that relates to numerous areas of technology An extremely distinguished faculty and a graduate program with a high quality coursework and research facilities at the cutting edge are the factors which have motivated me to choose The State University of New York at Buffalo for my graduate studies The knowledge that I hope to garner at our esteemed University will go a long way in helping me to meet the requirements of being a success in my field After my M S PhD I would like to get absorbed in the industry initially working in the industry to learn the ropes but soon venturing into the industry as a data analyst Wherever the path leads to my ultimate goal in life is to work with individuals who are driven towards efficiency and who seek proper fulfillment of the vision propounded by the company Swapnil Rane Fall 2018

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