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George Armstrong Custer played an important Role

George Armstrong Custer played an important role in the history of the United States He was born in Ohio in 1839 and went on to have a very successful military career Many people looked up to him George Armstrong Custer s life death and the actions of his followers all had huge impacts on the Native Americans of the Great Plains Takaki 2008 Gale 2004 p 355 Custer was a well respected man He was appointed Calvary officer for the Union during the Civil War and he attended the US Military Academy at West Point By the end of the war he was promoted to Brevet Major General He then became Lieutenant Colonel of the 7th Calvary which was a position he held until his death He led a lot of battles that were part of the Great Sioux War Gale 2004 p 355 Many Native Americans died in battles that were led by Custer during the Great Sioux war Some were killed by him and some were killed by his soldiers because he ordered them to do so The battles were considered to be civilization against savagery Takaki 2008 p 216 He was responsible for too many deaths to count In just one of the many battles that he fought he ordered his soldiers to attack a group of Native Americans who were sleeping and over a hundred of them were killed Takaki 2008 p 217 

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