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Inventing the University addresses common issues amongst student Writers

Inventing the University addresses common issues amongst student writers and goes into depth on their lack of knowledge of a discourse community David Bartholomae describes how writers prevents themselves from becoming apart of their academic peers and community The intended audience is for the writer as a student However it is discussed that writing is an ongoing problem for both the reader and writer He uses examples of different student s essays to to broadcast the common goal for students to communicate in a language that is understood by the community or audience The underlying message of Inventing the University is as a student whether reader or writer you must assume the right of speaking to someone who knows more about a topic than he or she does a reader from whom the general commonplaces and the readily available utternes about a subject are inadequate This was a big key as well as many others because it opened up to a topic on how Bartholomae felt from a student point of view and how he believed he or she could assume or take on the position of their audience by becoming one Bartholomae When it comes to the reader and the subject Bartholomae believes that you must become one with your audience in order to write from the university A student must first attempt to speak a language they don t know yet or try and mock their knowledge the best that you can until you can fully acquire the skill 

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