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My primary research objective and interest is in the area of analytics machine learning and artificial intelligence in healthcare I hold an MBA from Florida International University December 2016 and am currently actively involved in projects that are harnessing statistical techniques to design develop and retrieve usable information from datasets using Structured Query Language SQL This is intended to assist in the identification of key decision metrics related to solving real world problems My work focuses on carrying out exploratory data analysis using R Programming and developing models for This project has opened my eyes to a broad range of research subsets in the field of information systems analysis and motivated me to undertake further study through Florida International University s Ph D program I am especially interested in problems related to performance improvement in clinical applications and in particular the need for analytics that bridges and merges financial and patient satisfaction platforms Under the supervision of the CEO of TIPP Mobile Solutions an App based Logistics startup in India I conducted research that analyzed using Python R SQL and Tableau Programming I developed a relational database management system in a two staged process for this purpose In the first stage I used joins and subqueries in an interactive PostgreSQL environment to

The output was representing Next using Advanced Tableau 10 clustering and cross database joins I implemented analysis algorithms to evaluate real time datasets The company provides transportation and logistics solutions for inter city travel Specifically I produced statistical distributions of univariate bivariate and multivariate analyses The main contribution of this work was the development of models for finding the most travelled to cities in India Used in conjunction with App algorithms these were successful in determining profitable geographic segments and suggesting adjunct cost price minimization models for riders travelling to the same cities This is an accomplishment of which I am especially proud since it increased corporate customer acquisition volumes by 26 in just 2 months For my last semester of MBA I travelled to Barcelona Spain to take part in the rigorous corporate simulation program at ESADE the top Business School in Spain I participated in workshops where I shared my work findings with great minds from all over the world and learned about the diverse research that others had undertaken both technical and non technical in nature It was an eye opening experience I was able to place my work in the context of broader study and application In addition I was motivated by the feedback I received to plan a direction for my research upon completion of the MBA I am continuing my work this year by implementing methods to verify the suggested models from simulating data extraction wrangling and munging to modeling and visualization In addition I plan to utilize the statistical model to improve existing measurement algorithms and to develop new ones

My experiences have drawn me to various research problems in applications for bioinformatics such as scanning modeling computational photography and other interfaces As a part of my graduate studies I wish to do research in the area of information analytics with broad applications in other disciplines including but not limited to education For these reasons the department of FIU is especially attractive to me I am intrigued by several interesting research projects carried on by its faculty members Professor Tao Li s applications in the efficient discovery of useful patterns and effective retrieval of information machine learning and scalable algorithmic issues for large datasets is fascinating Giri Narasimhan s work on pattern discovery in sequences and structures micro array data analysis primer and probe design phylogenetic analysis computational statistics and neural networks in Bio informatics and Biotechnology align closely with my own interests Publications by Director Ruogu Fang s Smart Medical Informatics Learning and Evaluation SMILE Group which focus on big medical data research using scientific approaches to merge data and medicine brain dynamics medical image analysis and computational neuron morphology are especially interesting I have also followed the works of Doctors Naphtali Rishe and Shu Ching Cheng It would be a privilege to study in the IT Department of FIU under the guidance of its remarkable faculty I have enjoyed being able to apply what I learned in Udemy online courses and the Udacity Nano Degree Program in Data and Business Analytics to my research as a source of inspiration I seek different kinds of creativity in analytics this comes from a persevering effort driven by the will to create something new and better It is this creative will that I wish to pursue in FIU s Ph D program and afterwards as a researcher in academia My experience under the guidance of my mentors has convinced me not only of the potential of research but also of the value of teaching I am fully prepared to make the commitment to excel within the program and undertake to participate enthusiastically within it for my own benefit and that of the academic community and the wider world of Business and Information Systems

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