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Japanese American Internment Social Conflict During War

Japanese American Internment Social Conflict During War In today s America outrageous beliefs like racism and discrimination are practically nonexistent Unfortunately this hasn’t always been the case for America as prejudiced views still raged strongly throughout the nation a mere 70 years ago Unfairly treated and cruelly forced to relocate to inhumane internment camps Japanese Americans faced these harsh conditions during World War II This brutal internment of Japanese Americans led to an influx of Civil Rights movements and helped create many significant laws Consequently this conflict has helped shape America into the free and independent place we know today with its modern society and government becoming more accepting every second World War II was a noteworthy war that involved many influential nations and would be responsible for the controversial Japanese American internment As rising tensions between Japan and America grew it ultimately led up to The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor the U S naval station in Hawaii on December 7 1941 Japanese American Internment This unwelcoming attack would soon set off major conflict between America and Japan Scarred from the attack fear grew that the Japanese would attack the U S which brought about the unfair internment of Japanese Americans during WWII Japanese American Internment 

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A War is a state of Conflict or Disputes

A war is a state of conflict or disputes that happens between societies people or states The reason for war can be anything like aggression ego destruction the non availability of rights change in balance of power cultural differences etc There is always a negative impact on the people the city and the country in which war happens People have to face the negative consequences of the war Whenever war happens there is destruction which affects the nation economy and the public Jennette 2011 There are numerous numbers of wars that had happened in the past which had resulted in people dying and some becoming victims of the war Wars usually result in significant loss of life along with the destruction of the infrastructure and also the resources Even when a war ends it leaves long term effects on people the society and the nation as well When war arises it also creates an impact on the people in power of the government as well as the government structures Misztal 2010 War brings with it many new political cultural and social shifts that leave an impact on the society and also the nation But there are times when war also brings some positive impact for the nation It may reform the existing system and bringing up new effective system in the country that might end up in the betterment of the society and the nation as whole War also teaches one that who is with you and who is against you The worst wars that happened in history are World War II which was fought from 1939 to 1945 the only war that used nuclear weapons till date It changed the face of world politics forever It resulted in the deaths of Hitler Holocaust and many more Dunkley et al 2011 The second was the Mongol Conquests which happened in Europe Around 60 to 70 million deaths resulted from this war Another was the World War I which was fought from 1914 to 1918 killing around 17 million people As this war failed to ensure peace and democracy World War II was fought The Napoleonic War in which series of war was been declared against the Napoleon s French empire Historical wars should always be remembered by the people People should never forget what happened in the past As the wars help us to remind about the devotion the contribution the sacrifices our soldiers had made for people and the country These wars have given a new shape to the countries

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Acquisition of John Paul helps to Accelerate a Global Strategy

4 1 Acquisition According to researchers the main motives for an acquisition are to lover costs through economies of scale acquire new technology or increase market share Anderson et al 2012 Capron Pistre 2002 Porter Singh 2009 Chung 2004 agrees and adds that through acquisition companies can balance cash flows spread the business risks and eliminate their competitors In 2016 AccorHotels has acquired an 80 percent stake in John Paul for about 150 million in equity and debt Ting 2017 John Paul is a worldwide network of 50 000 partners who provide concierge and hotel employee loyalty services through proprietary CRM software applications with embedded 360 degree personalization and profiling capabilities AccorHotels 2017 According to AccorHotels Chief Executive Sebastian Bazin the acquisition of John Paul helps to accelerate a global strategy to position the customer experience at the very heart of initiatives Vidalon 2016 Due to John Paul s experience in customisation blended with a wide range of services and advanced technology AccorHotels can boost the value of relationships with guests and partners and multiply the number of touch points Through the partnership with John Paul AccorHotels can support the whole customer journey from non hotel offers to 24 7 assistance by providing multi nature services to guests AccorHotels 2016 Moreover the acquisition of John Paul helps to transform AccorHotels into the new breed of hospitality company Ting 2017 According to Sebastian Bazin AccorHotels aims to change the way people interact with their hotels Ting 2017 According to Accor the hotel is no longer just for travellers or guests but for everyone and anyone who has the ability to interact with them and to use them Ting 2017 Therefore AccorHotels launched AccorLocal community initiative which provides local services that give shopkeepers the opportunity to offer their products within AccorHotels properties and allow hotels the opportunity to promote their hospitality services for non hotel guests Ricca 2017 These services include spas the swimming pools fitness rooms pilates relaxation classes deposit points a pay by the hour car rental access to printers ironing rooms parking under surveillance

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BYOD which Stands for bring your Own Devices

Using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets has a lot of advantages whether they are being used for personal life or for work For a lot of employees using such devices enables them to work on the go and be more efficient as a result which is why companies of all sizes have been issuing portable devices to their employees for decades This has now been replaced with BYOD Introduction With the rise of IT consumerization a new practice has emerged BYOD which stands for bring your own devices and allows employees to use devices they already own are familiar and comfortable with for work purposes BYOD is thought to increase employee satisfaction and productivity which are considered its main advantages as well as bring other benefits to organisations such as reducing operational costs or making the company seem more tech savvy by prospective employees Disterer Kleiner 2013 There is a significant amount of research produced on the topic of BYOD which seems to focus predominantly on its risks With the use of personal devices for work purposes employees may allow security breaches that would not otherwise happen if they were using a device that was configured specifically for storing and managing sensitive business information

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