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Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell Review

Throughout generations people stereotyped the idea that men will always be superior than women George Orwell changed the idea by making Winston a weak character who wanted to alway serve big brother In 1984 Orwell uses the female characters transform the way a male to act by acting as a compelling force Orwell starts off with the character Winston who is described as weak This goes against the usual concept of a main character who would be strong and the hero of a story In his society Winston characterize an average person in a society built on fear and hate He always obeys the rules because he comprehends the idea that big brother has power If he was to defy the government it could mean his death Winston was not recognized as a man until later in the novel when he breaks free and denies his allegiance to big brother Winston would have continued his allegiance to big brother and doing his job by deleting history if it had not been for the women in his life Winston s mother his wife and Julia each played a special role in Winston's life to insurrection and search for freedom As each woman is introduced it sends him closer and closer into a state of rebellion of big brother and needing to escape their control

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