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How Women Present Themselves Through The Media

Advertising of skincare and makeup through the media has a big influence and power over how women present themselves Advertising shows women with skin soft hairless and smooth with no signs of age or wrinkles Hair from all large surface areas is removed eyebrows perfectly plucked and sometimes mustaches ripped away by hot wax Even when looking at application creams and lotions are never applied with sloppiness but are always precise and measured When entering shops women can get professional help to match up certain products to their skin type to get younger-looking skin or to reduce wrinkles They must have the specialist knowledge to know how to use a large number of devices ranging from a curling iron to an eyelash curler and the correct way to apply lipstick or mascara Women's beauty regimes are painful time consuming and costly but are embedded in their lives and affected by what they see on social media and in advertising Fashion magazines typically portray application of makeup and creams as an aesthetic activity along with styling your hair that can be used to express one's individuality

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