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Summarize 2 3 major aspects of Darwin's life personal experiences beliefs that you believed were most influential to him in developing his views and explain how Darwin was influenced by his personal life and experiences that were portrayed in his views and beliefs Therefore Darwin was born into a wealthy family he was a free thinker and an educated man Darwin was educated and he thought freely he was first to question the ideas explained by God's creation Though In 1833 Darwin voyaged to the Galapagos Islands and made several discoveries that led to his theory of natural selection he applied scientific discoveries with explanations which led to his theory of natural selection organisms descend from the same source but adapt and each generation acquires a new trait for survival Darwin explained his theory through experimentation on his voyage he was the first to question the evolution of species and his theory was revolutionary Furthermore Darwin lived during the 1800s with strong influence from the Catholic Church he was not Catholic but desired to be a member of the clergy Darwin had an interest in the Catholic church and wanted to be involved but instead questioned the Church through his theory Darwin was a revolutionary thinker of his time and through his personal experiences he developed his theory Darwin's Dangerous Idea 2002 2 Identify and describe explain Darwin's conclusion his dangerous idea Provide a general example not one you are using for 3 that illustrates your description explanation Darwin developed his dangerous idea of natural selection 

Thus Darwin kept his ideas private because he feared opposition with the Church He did not want to cause corruption and kept his ideas private to avoid conflict with the Church Therefore His thoughts were that new beings could appear on the earth from one ancestral chain and new species branched off from their ancestors and concluded that each generation could adapt to their environment with new adaptations over time Darwin thought a species was made from one ancestral chain and over time different species would branch from the original and acquire new adaptations to survive in their environment Also Darwin discovered the remains of earthquakes elated and made mountains which were before explained by God's creation He examined the world to understand it not through God's creation but through his own ideas and research his ideas were revolutionary Darwin discovered new insight that had not been questioned or discovered before Darwin's Dangerous Idea 2002 Darwin continued to develop his dangerous idea and explain his discoveries Then He expressed his ideas through the presentation of skeletal remains of finches from different islands climates and species the similarities between the remains Darwin proved his theory through remains of finches that contained similarities though they were from different species and environments 

Furthermore Darwin understood that finches descend from the same ancestor but have different beaks colors feathers and feet with different adaptations for the climate of their environment He was able to understand the relationship between species to the original ancestral chain and the acquiring of different adaptations over time Moreover Darwin included his idea of selective breeding to explain different adaptations for different environments he also concluded that the organisms compete to survive and reproduce to pass on their adapted trait to offspring which changes the population of the species He understood selective breeding and the effects on the population of the species Darwin expressed his dangerous idea and provided examples to prove his theory Darwin's Dangerous Idea 2002 3 Address 2 3 distinct modern examples provided in the video Explain the details associated with these examples and what they are thought to demonstrate mean to the scientific community There are modern examples that are thought to demonstrate importance to the scientific community through experimentation Including The experiment of Tom Smith in which he examined birds in the rainforest versus birds in the mountains and examined the differences between their beaks color feet and feathers Tom Smith tested Darwin's theory in a modern experiment 

Therefore Smith noticed the differences between the birds who lived in the mountains versus the birds who lived in the rainforest he recognized birds in the mountains needed to adapt to cold nights The birds in different environments require different adaptations for survival For example He identified camouflage and noticed its use for protection of the birds with camouflage and those without it He understood the importance of camouflage for the birds in their environment and found that the birds with camouflage were more likely to survive Tom Smith s experiment provided additional knowledge to the scientific community about Darwin's theory The knowledge of modern examples can provide new information on theories of the past Darwin's Dangerous Idea 2002 The modern examples provided in the video are associated with modern scientists provide new information for the scientific community For example Sally Boysen a psychology professor at Ohio State University studied chimpanzees and their comparison to human beings She worked with chimpanzees to understand how they learn in comparison with human beings Then Boysen watched young chimpanzees learn and realized humans have ape like features have 98 identical DNA to chimpanzees similar mental structure and similar learning habits She was able to recognize the similarities between chimpanzees and humans and relate the information through experimentation Furthermore She was able to recognize the differences as well chimpanzees have differences in mental capacity and to perform language There are similarities between chimpanzees and human beings but there are distinct differences Sally Boysen contributed new experimentation to contribute to the theory but realized and understood the differences between human beings and chimpanzees she provided new insight for the scientific community Modern examples provide new information Darwin's Dangerous Idea 2002

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