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Change in Organizations Introduction In the Article Managing change and transitions a comparison of different models and their commonalities By Brisson Banks 2010 the author studies transition models and difficulty of change The articles takeaway is that even though change is hard knowledge about different methods organizational change leader's vision and leadership styles can help make the transition a little easier for employees But just because there are methods to help make change easier does not mean change will be easy for change to happen leaders and followers must work together Summary The thesis of the article is that companies must make difficult changes however with help from transitional methods adjusted over time to fit company need change can be less difficult and more rewarding to the organization Brisson Banks support the thesis with studies showing how to begin to change companies must first know of the need for change Next they show support by explaining that for change to happen individuals must work together to succeed Continuing to point out that one reason change is so hard is because of the organizational uncertainty Meaning that when big changes are being put into action no one is sure they will work out for the betterment of the company or its employees

They suggest that a way to ensure a brighter outcome from change is to allow employees to have input on what the changes are and when they will happen Finally going into the different change models and what they are Brisson Banks 2010 First is lewin which starts by assessing what change means for the employees proving that change will be good and in turn motivating the employees making the changes and reassessing lastly returning to a state of calm Then there is beckhard with a process of picking goals deciding how far is needed to reach those goals discussing what must happen to reach the goals plan then act as a team to reach the goal Next is Thurley and its five stages the manager takes control and makes a change through power directive the employees and managers take about compromises bargained the managers appeal to the employees emotions hearts and minds logic is taken into the situation analytical then the change is made action based Additionally there is bridges the ending phase where the old ways are released the neutral phase where change is happening and the new phase where change is done and people are relaxing into a new way of things Lastly is kotter with the first step being urgency then continuing there is guidelines vision explaining the vision encouraging planning developing and the start of action and creating new approaches Brisson Banks 2010 Evaluation 

This article uses many credible resources to support the thesis making it rather accurate Anything that needs defined is thought out and discussed The writing shows no severe bias although the author does use the kotter transition model as a reference in their writing more than the other models The clear labels and precise language make this article very organized up until the kotter paragraph where the eight steps are thrown together and quite confusing No extreme fallacies can be seen in the writing adding another layer of fairness Response I agreed with most of this article and found that topics such as which leadership styles would coincide with specific transition models to help organizational change to be interesting Personally a democratic transactional leader with the beckhard model would make a great transition through change Fiaz Su Ikram and Saqib 2017 When a company has a smooth transition they have better organizational performance because of employee satisfaction along with hopefully improved processes Throughout this change when leaders are adaptable they also help ease the transitions for there peers and subordinates Landin 2017 However change cannot be just a bunch of managers deciding to use transition method and then not following through with the portion where the employees voice is heard

Change must come from employees and managers for it to be smooth and consistent meaning they both need to be motivated to behave in such a way as to change their environment and their environment must be able to change Docksai 2010 I would recommend this article to a business or company that is thinking about or in the process of any type of change Conclusion To conclude change is difficult but by knowing that there are many transition methods out there to help it can be much smoother When change is not forced but wanted an organization will have better performance The best way to make organizational change easy is through leadership transition methods and leader visions along with motivation Brisson Banks 2010 References Brisson Banks C 2010 Managing change and transitions A comparison of different models and their commonalities Library Management 31 4 241 252 Retrieved from https libraryresources columbiasouthern edu login url https search proquest com libraryresources columbiasouthern edu docview 287901868 accountid 33337 Docksai R 2010 August Change the environment Change the behavior The Futurist 64 Retrieved from http link galegroup com libraryresources columbiasouthern edu apps doc A229531550 ITBC u oran95108 sid ITBC xid 898434a3 Fiaz M Su Q Ikram A Saqib A 2017 Leadership styles and employees motivation Perspective from an emerging economy Journal of Developing Areas 143 Retrieved from http link galegroup com library resources columbiasouthern edu apps doc A506675754 ITBC u oran95108 sid ITBC xid 61352db6 Landin J 2017 October Keys to Flexible Leadership The secret to empowered leadership is an ability to adapt in thought action and response Strategic Finance 99 4 23 Retrieved from http link galegroup com libraryresources columbiasouthern edu apps doc A511108512 ITBC u oran95108 sid ITBC xid fac4b6be

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