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Managing performance through information Controlling An important aspect of management is monitoring for outcomes Data and evidence is the key to the success of programme and management We need to have good indicators to monitor the processes and output at periodic intervals so that we can assess where the attention is needed Clear indicators and ability to utilize and analyze the data is required for effective monitoring Maintaining coverage integrity timeliness and quality of routing information on health services provision Monitoring population health indicators Monitoring drug quality Surveillance for rapid response to disease outbreak Aggregation of data from facilities and feedback to facilities Assessment of effective coverage of services Reporting on district health performance to national government In this manner the basic principles and logic of management can be applied in health system As discussed earlier the application of logics concepts and knowledge required certain skills and management is all about learning skills to apply the concepts Knowledge cannot be applied properly without skills In health system also the application of concepts requires the skills Kolb s universal model was used to represents a comprehensive holistic model of all the managerial logics skills and competences This model can be applied into the existing health system in the following manner Four main types of managerial logic and skills can be applied in the health system 1 Interpersonal Interpersonal skill is a very important skill

This skill can be broadly classified into three categories i e leadership skills relationship skills and delegation of work In health system lack of interpersonal relationship has been easily observed between center and states donor and organization doctors and patients which lead to lack of trust demotivation and lack of collaboration which leads to underperformance of service providers organization and system Application of interpersonal skills is very important to inspire providers for delivering services facilitation of communication collaboration and working with teams so that quality of care and services must be delivered to the people through various channels 2 Health Information management Information management in health system is the booming area in the health sector Health information management system evolved from information system It enables the collection of data documentation of data analysis and interpretation of data which provides information which can be used for programme making policy making epidemiological information services information and utilization and so on In India the implementation of HMIS is weak due to lack of awareness by health policy makers and programme managers of the strategic importance and practical usefulness of health information for planning and management 3 Analytical skills

The third main type of skills are analytical skills the skills of knowledge and thinking that enable the use and assimilation of new information and use for planning purposes or for creating a system of planning This skill is important in forecasting the demand of health services over a period of time and in decision making about the services and programmes This skill is required necessarily during programme and policy framing and during evaluation so that the mistakes of the past couldn t be repeated and each important need and demand can be addressed in a right manner at right time 4 Action skills The fourth and last type of skills that job may require is called action skills skills oriented on behavior that enables the planning directing and implementing actions Additionally health system management education and training is necessary in order to deliver services in a more competent and high quality manner This skill is very important as we know many of the programmes and policies and services are on paper only and for implementation action is required

The above skills are the management skills that need to be applied to enhance the functioning and performance of health system The application of the managerial logic will improve the service delivery system and will bridge the gap within the system It not only regulate the system the but also bring transparency all over the system It will bring the fragmented health system under one umbrella Every coin has two sides so far it was all about first side now let's focus toward the second side Health system is dynamic and changing and every time one cannot predict the situation A health system in the ultimate analysis is determined by certain structural components that provide a set of trade offs and options to achieve multiple objectives within fiscal constraints At this point managerial logics are applied make decisions through the lens of management the trade off are not viewed as needs demands preferences but viewed as trade off in binary terms Management concept believes in profit and do not give preference to the determinants and sensitivity When we talk about application of managerial in health system we need to integrate the concepts and logics of management with the knowledge of social issues social determinants sensitivity towards the issues and the focus should be the welfare instead of profit

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