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Many people have values in their life that are important and which they really believe in as it helps them to be able to have hope and look up to something By having beliefs that hold meaning it helps people want to be the best they possibly can In this story people have sacred concepts values and beliefs that mean a lot to them and they cherish throughout their lives In Things Fall Apart Chinua Achebe helps the reader see the importance of the igbo culture family and reputation Everywhere around the world culture plays a big part in people's lives as it shapes the way they learn and behave while also helping guide them to believe in something Having certain traditions is influential because it brings people and their families together which leads to strong bonds and understanding the values of love In addition the shared values of one s culture gives others a new perspective on how certain people work based on what they believe in An example of this in Achebe story is As he broke the kola Unoka prayed to their ancestors for life and health and for protection against their enemies 6 This shows that the kola nut plays a big part of welcoming a guest into their home as it is a tradition to do this whenever someone goes over to another person's home and is a symbol of respect 

This tradition is a key aspect in the Igbo culture because it is important for people to show their virtue and consideration towards others By giving people the kola nut it gives one s self honor and shows the value of friendship Achebe shows how important the Igbo culture is through traditions noting they are key aspects in their lives and that they cherish them tremendously Family plays a big role in the lives of people though many don t understand how to cherish their loved ones or why their family relations are so important Family is about love and how they are willing to do anything for each other as they grow closer and find true connections It isn't only made up of DNA is made up of love and even if people aren't blood related it doesn't mean that they can t be family The fact about caring for them and showing how much they have an important role in one's life makes them family An example of this in Achebe's story is To show affection was a sign of weakness He therefore treated Ikemefuna as he treated everybody else with a heavy hand But there was no doubt that he liked the boy Sometimes when he went to big village meetings or communal ancestral feasts he allowed Ikemefuna to accompany him like a son carrying his stool and his goat skin bag and indeed Ikemefuna called him father Achebe 28 This shows that Okonkwo thought of Ikemefuna as his son even though biologically they weren't related 

The way Okonkwo acted with him shows that he respected Ikemefuna and considered him to be family Actions do speak louder than words and the way he acted towards and treated with him evidently shows that Okonkwo felt highly of him Achebe's writing shows how important family is by clearly describing Okonkwo and Ikemefuna s father and son bond In society today many people are caught up in wondering and worrying about what others think such as how they see them and also what kind of reputation they have They act a certain way to get the approval of others If one has a high reputation it means that people really value them and respect them at a high level Many people prefer to have a high reputation rather than a low one People want to stand out while having the respect and admiration from their peers An example of this in Achebe's story is The first thing he would do would be to rebuild his compound on a more magnificent scale 

He would build a bigger barn than he had before and he would build huts for two new wives Then he would show his wealth by initiating his sons into the ozo society Only the really great men in the clan were able to do this Okonkwo saw clearly the high esteem in which he would be held and he saw himself taking the highest title in the land Achebe 171 172 This shows that Okonkwo wants to be the most respected and powerful person in the clan He wants people to approve of him and be the best out of everyone Achebe's writing shows the importance of reputation by showing how much respect people get due to the way they shape themselves by having strong beliefs and characteristics Overall Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe demonstrates the importance of the Igbo culture family and reputation Culture is important due to the fact that it helps people be able to understand other s values and views in life Family is another key value because having love and care from another person is a great feeling and helps create bonds Reputation is important because of the respect people get from other people's view of them The importance of these three aspects help shape the main themes and ideas of this story

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