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March for Life's poor media coverage biggest sign of liberal bias COMMENTARY Why would an annual event featuring tens of thousands of people from across the country who peacefully assemble on Washington's National Mall in protest of an issue they care very passionately about receive little to no media coverage That very situation plays itself out every January when it comes to the mainstream media's handling of the March for Life an event that brings together a cross section of Americans in support of the rights of the unborn While pro life advocates continue to work on changing hearts and minds in this very heated political climate the inability of news outlets to fairly and adequately cover the March for Life highlights the liberal bias that permeates many newsrooms in this country The March for Life is a powerful event one that sheds a spotlight on human rights and dignity It also brings together men and women of all ages and races Catholics and Protestants as well as the religious and scientific communities It's A message those on the political left don't want to broadcast They also don't want to help it further that message by providing the event with any meaningful news coverage A study conducted by the Media Research Project a conservative watchdog group found that ABC CBS and NBC spent at least one hour 15 minutes and 18 seconds on last year s Women's March held in the wake of Donald Trump's election By comparison the group found that the March for Life in 2016 had earned only 35 seconds of coverage from the three major TV networks 13 seconds before it took place and 22 seconds after it took place 

The Women's March had garnered 23 minutes of coverage before it took place The situation was similar when it came to online news stories The phrase Women's March 2017 garnered 7 650 mentions on Google News The same search for the term March for Life 2017 had just 474 results Last year was no exception The Media Research Project found that the same three major networks devoted just 15 seconds to covering the 2015 march In 2014 it had been just 46 seconds The group even launched a website coverthemarch org two years ago with the help of other pro life organizations asking people to contact the major networks requesting that they give the annual March for Life ample coverage The media are no longer the watchdogs for the American public but the lapdogs of a liberal agenda committed to the destruction of live the site reads The Alliance for Fair Coverage of Life Issues calls out journalists for their ongoing blackout of pro life news and demands reporters live up to the standards of journalistic integrity by covering life issues The lack of coverage by mainstream national news outlets is revealing There isn't a gathering or protest TV reporters don't like to cover when it concerns issues of impotence to liberal causes but those same networks and newspapers often can t be bothered to cover an event of importance to religious conservatives 

These realities have given rise to the Twitter hashtag CovertheMarch and other social media posts urging for more media attention Dismissing the March for Life would be a very big mistake Not only do large numbers of people attend making it automatically newsworthy but the lack of coverage is also one of the biggest smoking guns that points to the media s liberal bias If the press hopes to combat this perception it needs to start giving conservatives a larger voice in the pages of The New York Times and on CNN This year's event is certain to get more attention this year since Trump plans to address the crowd via video the first sitting president to address March for Life attendees since George W Bush did so by telephone in 2008 The only other president to address attendees since the event s inception in 1974 was Ronald Reagan also by phone in 1987 The March for Life is a story worthy of front page status However it's unlikely you will see that in your Saturday paper or at the top of any newscast unless Trump is able to outdo himself with statements worthy of extensive coverage like we have seen over his first 12 months in office It would go a long way with conservatives should the March for Life receive fair coverage like the Women's March did last year or your typical anti war anti Trump or anti police protest does each day It's not just the rights of the unborn that will be on display come Friday but the ability of the MSM to remain tone deaf in the face of such a massive rally

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