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Marketing Plan for the Capstone Project Bryan Eisenberg a Keynote Speaker NY Times Best Selling Author said Our jobs as marketers are to understand how the customer wants to buy and help them do so Gilley 2016 This is sage advice for any business starting out Marketing plans find unique ways to entice new customers and retain current patrons This paper is meant to discuss the description and size of the target audience an analysis of the Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats SWOT and an in depth look at the 4Ps of marketing in this organization Description of Target Market Including Size Blake Assignment Instructions Describe the target market Identify the size of your potential target market Rubric instructions Description of target market is thorough and detailed SWOT Analysis Megan Raymond Assignment Instructions Include a SWOT analysis use a two by two table in Word Rubric instructions SWOT analysis is complete and the description is thorough and detailed Description of the 4Ps of Marketing in Your Organization 4I for Services if included In any successful business several marketing strategies are used to create a long lasting product that can help the company grow into a multi million dollar enterprise

One of the most common strategies used are the 4Ps of marketing which are the organizations product promotion pricing and placement Philip Kotler described a product as any offering that can satisfy a need or want such as one of the 10 basic offerings of goods services experiences events persons places properties organizations information and ideas Kotler 2000 pg 6 Today life moves at a fast pace everyone expects a prompt response and people are continuously seeking fast results for their issues The product that our company is offering to satisfy is convenience and accessibility which are the two traits a customer looks for in a service Most individuals are looking for services that are easy fast and inexpensive Providing Mobile Fuel gives the convenience of automobile fueling right to the customer's door at a low cost and only with the click of their mobile device application in a matter of minutes Which leads into the next of the 4Ps promotion Promotion can be a key factor in whether a product fails or succeeds Much of the time promotion comes before a product is even released for sale Take new movies for example previews are released several months in advanced to get audiences interested in seeing the movie Another example are restaurants willing to run one day only to test run on their menu for people to taste Survey groups are a great way to test out products before the product is released out into the public Kotler also suggests winning companies are those that meet customer needs economically and conveniently and with effective communication 2000 pg 10 The Mobile Fueling cell phone app will have a customer feedback survey that help guide the company into the direction of the customer's desires 

Having test runs or survey groups gives companies a chance to change any negative feedback given by the public Especially pricing which is the third P of marketing Mobile fuel focus four characteristic that defined the service offering are intangibility inconsistency inseparability and inventory River Charles 2010 Should customer choose a mobile fuel gas tank delivery instead of gas station Mobile fuel gas tank delivery promise to customer are safe environment convenience and protect from not smelling dangerous gas to your health What are the main focus Mobile fuel to grow into multi million dollar enterprise Mobile fuel companies focus to provide new customers with superior personal service high competitive low gas range and terms contract great feedback from survey and employee will receive good program as education training complete and health benefits The first characteristic of intangibility Mobile fuel believe in developing long term business with customer based on anticipating and respond to the need to our customer positive attitudes and highest level of support by understand market trend and using the logo mobile fuel app thru phone setup This companies guarantee to review the feedback from customer s survey to make sure employees and technology provide excellent service The second characteristic of inconsistency Mobile fuel companies believe in all staff are trained on the lifetime value of customer and to meet expectations Denise Fay 2012 as a growing company there is incredible potential for customer where provide 24 7 mobile access for gas tank delivery to your parking spot or stuck in the middle of the street and no membership fee Mobile access and staff will help us to reach the goal to improve the environment in which they work safe healthy free same day delivery and better price than gas station The third characteristic of inseparability this companies provide two different type gas tank as regular and premium gas clean windows and full tires for fast easy and efficient solution to customer Conclusion 

This marketing plan is sure to generate interest This interest will propel Mobile Fuel into the mainstream conversation and become part of the American and Canadian culture The days of refilling at the pump are gone Mobile Fuel will deliver the fuel to the consumer at a competitive price through the implementation of technology derivative of that of Uber The company's strengths and weakness have been examined and safeguards have been put in place to bolster the finest points of this business plan The 4Ps of marketing have been considered and work in Mobile Fuel s favor By incorporating these principles the future outlook of this company is strong This strength is embodied in the price product placement and promotion of these services

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