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Ethiopia's advocacy of green Energy

Project proposal of Off Grid Electricity Executive Summary Ethiopia's advocacy of green energy and sustainable infrastructure has been taken to the world stage as a model of clean renewable energy for mitigating climate change and environmental protection Ethiopia s aggressive developmental state policy undertaking shall mobilize all parts of the country in order to reach the goal of becoming a middle income country For this to happen the existence electricity in almost all households is inevitable The presence of electricity in each household would bring about a huge boost in the socio economic aspects of the people in the country As a result a society prone to technology high level of media outreach high sense of community service and more benefits will be the by products Ethiopia s landscape is one of extremes Being full of lush mild forested highlands and deep sweltering deserts tallest peaks forming highlands irregular shaped mountains and owning one of the hottest places on earth and with a 13 month sunshine paves a valuable opportunity to realize an off grid electricity induced by solar powered energy Ethiopia s communities dispersed over immense areas sparsely populated lifestyle and being too poor to afford the electricity of the grid system with an extensive infrastructure has still lacked access to electricity and its benefits to almost 85 of our country's men and women in the 21st century where its existence is taken for granted in other parts of the world on the trigger of an on off button For this to happen in Ethiopia Our poor dispersed villages should largely bypass the grid straight into solar Just as it did in skipping landlines a rarity in rural Ethiopia in favor of cell phones 

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The possibility of peace within international Politics

The possibility of peace within international politics is definitely a realistic prospect for Kant Perpetual peace one of Kant's most influential writings offers three definitive articles detailing the conditions of peace which when achieved would overcome conflict resulting in harmony within society Firstly Kant makes a significant claim that the only type of constitution in which perpetual peace can be achieved is republicanism Based on the liberal principle of separation of powers republics would preserve the freedoms of individuals and reduce the inclination of war as citizens if given the right would not consent to declaring war as it would bring misery upon themselves Kant 100 This leads on to the second article which describes a federation of states Kant advocates the notion of all similar nations establishing a federation whose purpose would be solely to preserve and secure the freedom of each state in itself Kant 104 Focusing on the first two articles in particular demonstrates that

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