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Mass media is defined as a tool which is used to attract a large audience Study com no date Mass media is one of the ways of communications in order to engage the majority of people The most common mass media that people used are print media newspapers magazines etc and electronic media television radio the internet etc Manohar 2016 Usually people depend on the mass media in order to gain information on what happening around them such as political issues social issues entertainment and pop culture news Study com no date Amongst all of the mass media mentioned television is one of the most used nowadays all over the world and it is suitable for all ages As a traditional media it can be seen that information or news are easily spread throughout the world by the medium of television a powerful persuasive medium Varghese 2014 Television entertainment has grasp the rise of digital media and the best programming tends to grow in a world where on demand widely distributed and mobile video interpretation are more important Nielsen Sambrook no date However the existence of YouTube as new media seems to overtake television as one of the most used media platforms 10 fold increase in viewership over the past five years Solomon 2017 Omid Kordestani Google s chief business officer said that the famous video sharing platform which was obtained by Google in 2006 attracted more teenagers from 18 to 49 year olds adults in America compared to any U S cable network Ligato 2015 

There s no doubt that YouTube attracted more audience due to the fact that the platform can be accessed everywhere and any time Thus the rapid growth of YouTube could endanger the future television industry Television has developed so much in the past 20th century Since its first invention in the mid 1920s television has gone through five major shifts that affected on the way audience use it Gibbs 2016 It was all started with black and white television where the picture displayed on the screen were initially grainy Octagon the modern television s earliest ancestor made by General Electric in 1928 known as the oldest television and it was the first television that was invented It uses a mechanical rotating disc technology in order to display images on its three inch screen Dunne 2014 The world's first television drama called The Queen's Messenger was the first show that aired in this television By the late 1930s electronic televisions which are more similar to what we use today was introduced During the 1930s 1940s the technology was slowly improved In the year 1939 it marked as the first regular broadcast that was started in America Hints 2011 Following the World War II there was a reverberation in cheaper television production which leads to average people in America household could finally afford to buy a TV At this stage advertisers started to marketing their products and services directly to consumers through TV program via sponsorship opportunities Petersen 2017 

Between the 1950s to 1960s television become one of the most must have electronic item in households more likely to be an essential piece of furniture This leads to watching TV as a family that becomes a nightly ritual for Americans Furthermore this year marked the first colour television was introduced in the United States Gibbs 2016 By the 1970s television become a dominant media which consists of 24 hours of programming mass advertising and syndicated shows Hints 2011 Moreover the year marked as the first basic cable network called TBS which was launched by Ted Turner in 1976 Also the last black and white TV was manufactured in 1978 which leads to colour TVs are the only purchasable item in the market Petersen 2017 As the year developed so many things happened in the 1980s One of them is Nippon Hōsō Kyōkai Japan s national public broadcasting organization demonstrates HDTV 

High Definition Television in 1981 with 1 125 lines of resolution Bellis 2017 Additionally VCR Videocassette Recorder become a household main item which people use as a tool to record their favourite programs and view them at their leisure Then in the 1990s internet becomes available in the homes via dial up ISPs Internet Service Providers where it introduced the dawn of a competing source of content Petersen 2017 With this intention shows such as Sex and the City and The Sopranos are can be watch from the premium cable Broadcast TV transforms from analog to digital in the 2000s DVR digital video recorder set this mind set on how and when consumers view TV However DVD players replace VCRs existence This year television programming started to make an interactive with explosive popularity of reality shows such as American Idol where audience can vote their favourite contestants Petersen 2017 Different from the previous years in the 2010s until present Smart TVs TVs that can connect to internet become more affordable and accessible due to the fact that people often prefer to stream a TV series or movie rather than watch TV in the cable network provided

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