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Mass tourism is an age old phenomenon of tourism industry as tourism has a high growth potential to any other industry in the world Mass tourism demands increased number of tourist at a destination within a particular time period with highly standardized service demands In India it has been practiced in most societies for which there are historical records The powerful the rich and famous in many pre modern societies had one or more that we are known today knowing as second residence where they are used to for travel in summer or occasionally at the times Mostly they would engage in visiting friends and relatives VFR travelling to palaces and mansions of other nobility or gentry to pay visits court patronage or show respect Paci 1994 found that VFR travel was an important segment of the international travel market through his worldwide analysis of statistics from Africa the Americas Asia and the Pacific and Europe 1 Julio Aramberri 2010 states since homo sapiens times humans have spent most of their time travelling roaming the face of the earth about half a million years ago 2 

Most hunters and gatherers were nomad constantly on the move for looking the resource or safe shelters Relative to their numbers those nomadic communities were definitely engaged in mass travel There are common agreements that they cannot be considered as tourists in the modern sense of word defined In India there are always a great potential for domestic tourism and due to diversity of landscape vegetation cultural and social life style are the biggest cases of domestic tourism within the country The main cause of mass tourism is the dispensable income various decisions to travel infrastructure development travel motivators spare time recreation and health In India like country it may say that mass tourism is merely at those destinations which generally related to attractions like pilgrimage coastal areas national and international events seashore water sports business conference and meetings etc Mass travel indeed has taken place pre modern historical contexts Its best known modalities are pilgrimages to religious sites or to participate in religious festivals Vokonic 1996 3 Vernacular forms of travelling Yatra and tourism Ghumna had a vivid and vigorous presence in country whether it be in the form of religious tourism namely Tirtha pilgrimage or secular travels such as Milna visiting and Dekhana sightseeing Singh 2004 35 4 

Mass tourism is the act of visiting to a destination with large number of people at one time and the study of the effect that large amounts of people can have on a particular destination which has been over exposed by single tourists having been there repeatedly These tourists also help other businesses such as telecommunication services road side seller craft men accommodation industry both formal and informal manufacturing industry like food drinking water liqueurs wine automobile textile preserved food Information technology etc Mass tourism can be beneficial in some small countries but most of the time mass tourism actually has adverse effects on countries The environment can be adversely affected when millions of people visit to a country and begin using its natural resources Some wealthy business owners from other countries come in to a small poor country and build a beautiful resort that attracts visitors result of that local community not receiving any money to support its resources Mass tourism can also be detrimental to traditional cultures where large number of tourist are engaged in consuming natural resources of the country 1 1 Mass Tourism Phenomenon Travel is one of the most ancient and common aspects of human life its origins come from mythical times There are various reasons for travelling such as recreation business sport education health or visiting friends so the typical tourist does not exist Every action resulting from the stay of persons at a place where they do not normally live or work is entitled tourism International tourism became a major modern mass tourism phenomenon after World war II Cohen 1984 373 392 5 

Exclusive phenomenon of the mass tourism exists after the World War II it was initiated in the back streets of the industrial towns and cities in the north of England Mass tourism development in was basically linked to the economic development of society in most of the western countries and as a matter of fact to the incorporation of a more purchasing power middle and lower class inside the tourist market 6 The growth of mass tourism has been based on various external factors such as paid holidays rising standards of living and a rapid improvement in transportation such as air travel The growth of such kind of tourism represents a democratization of travel and this democratization means that status distinctions will be drawn between the different classes of travellers but less between those that can travel or not Some places where more number of working class have been viewed as embodiments and symbols of mass tourism where the dominant groups help to be tasteless common and vulgar The beginning of domestic and incoming tourism for the public autonomies were more interesting

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