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Mauricio Macri is the current president of Argentina He has a very interesting life he has had too many close death incidents Like for instance when he got married he swallowed a fake mustache he put on when it was his wedding There many more interesting things that happened to him while he was growing up He wanted to give the best thing that is good for his country Mauricio Macri had a childhood and early life like every other human being He received his high school diploma from the Cardinal Newman College San Isidro Reyes His father a successful Italian businessman named Francesco He married Juliana Awada his third wife in 2010 Reyes In 1995 he attended the academic courses at Columbia Business School Reyes He entered politics by creating the Commitment to Change party in 2003 then formed the PRO in 2005 His father s financial successes that led him to be kidnapped in 1991 He was blindfolded and left in the middle of a street at 2 AM with a small amount of money after his father had paid the ransom Further inquiries into his kidnapping discovered that a gang of around 30 was responsible and more info came to light when one of the members began to speak after not receiving his fair share of the ransom Reason for running for president He has said that he decided to get into politics after Argentinian police kidnapped him for 12 days in 1991 Releasing him only after his family paid a million dollar ransom Moore Macri has said 

That he will tackle poverty and drug smuggling MOORE He said I only decided to get into politics after Argentinian police kidnapped me for 12 days in 1991 Moore With Macri there is a swing from left to central right and it was in 2003 when he first committed to change party He became mayor of Buenos Aires City the capital in 2005 and was re elected in 2009 Not only was Macri the chairman of Boca Juniors football club from 1995 2007 but he is also widely known to be one of the most successful presidents in the history of the club Macri is twice divorced and married businesswoman Juliana Awada in 2010 He has three children from his first marriage and a daughter with his current wife It was this event that inspired him to go into the world of politics and make a change Macri s party Republican Proposal PRO will have 41 deputies and four senators in the new Congress securing an historic expansion beyond its bastion of Buenos Aires City by winning the governorship of Buenos Aires Province on October 25 After knowing why he ran for president let's go even deeper and find out more stuff Moore Things he is going to do to help the community During his first weeks in office Mr Macri eased currency controls Macri has been very successful in business and it is said to have made deals with none other than Donald Trump in his twenties He reduced export tariffs on agricultural goods He oversaw an overhaul of the national statistics institute Politi Macri has said that he will tackle poverty and drug smuggling MOORE Mr Macri had inherited to around 40 the highest rate in Latin America Politi Mr Macri would end capital controls immediately But has promised not to undo the nationalization of pension funds or of YPF an oil giant Politi He would leave generous welfare programmers in place If he wins Mr Macri may face opposition in Congress Politi Cambiemos has a third of the seats in both houses Politi He might be able to build a coalition that would include around half the seats in the lower house Politi But is still far from a majority in the Senate 

He will try to fix his country if it is only necessary Politi He will try to negotiate with other countries and have a friendship Politi Mr Macri is desperate for good news Politi Elections will hinge on whether Argentina begin to feel tangible improvements Politi Macri promised change and the people trusted him to bring Argentina out of its dire economic situation Mauricio Macri is the president of Argentina This change from the Peronist government marked the end of an era He wanted to make friendship with the other countries Politi Years of chronic under investment had pushed the country's energy network Politi Mauricio Macri is the current president of Argentina As spring arrives in Buenos Aires Mr Macri must be hoping that his fortunes have finally turned The scale of the task confronting Mr Macri was formidable Macri a 56 year old engineer raised in a prominent business family He will give little chance to win before the first round of voting last month As many assumed Fernández s Peronist party With its heavy spending on social welfare programs had an iron grip on power Argentina had been a financial pariah for more than 14 years cut adrift from international capital markets He has had too many close death incidents He wore a fake mustache for his wedding and almost died because he swallowed it

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