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New information to stop drug use of Minors

New information to stop drug use of minors When they find who is using drugs they can find where they are getting it from and eliminate it This will create a drug free community Drug free communities are much safer and productive than communities with drugs This can help stop drugs altogether as if every community eliminated the supplier there would be no way to get drugs When one is caught using drugs the school could provide them with assistance in stopping which they wouldn't have been able to do otherwise This can help more students stop their addiction and not have problems because of it in college and adulthood Point 2 It encourages a healthier lifestyle for students Less drug use A NIDA funded study published in 2013 found evidence of lower marijuana use in the presence of school drug testing drugabuse gov This proves that drug testing works at getting students to stop using drugs like marijuana Christina A Samuels states Sixteen percent of students subject to drug testing in the study reported using substances covered by their district s testing program in the past 30 days compared to 22 percent of comparable students in schools without the program Saumuels This study was one of the largest ever done with 4 700 students over 7 states With this many students a six percent difference is huge This study was conducted by the Institute of Education Sciences Since there is a much higher chance they will get caught it encourages them to not try drugs in the first place If they don't try it in the first place they won't be able to get addicted This stops addiction issues the would have to face later in their life This helps students resist peer pressure Students would now have a reason to say no to drugs This would stop even more people from trying drugs in the first place 

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Proposed Federal System of Government in the Philippines Research Study

CHAPTER III RESEARCH METHODOLOGY This chapter present and explain the procedures that the researchers used in conducting this study This includes the locale of the study research design population sampling research instrumentation Data gathering procedure and statistical treatment in order to support the problem under study Locale of the Study The study was conducted in Mauban Quezon mostly involving the selected barangays of Mauban Quezon namely Brgy Bagong bayan Brgy Daungan Brgy Lual pob Brgy Macasin Brgy Mabato Brgy Polo Brgy Rizaliana Brgy Sadsaran Brgy San Lorenzo and Brgy Soledad Out of 40 barangays in Mauban Quezon the 10 barangay were chosen because the researchers will organize a seminar and the chosen barangays is the nearest to the place we will do the seminar The researcher s topic is Proposed Federal System of Government in the Philippines held on November 7 2017 around 9 00 in the morning until 12 00 noon at Niyogyugan Hall Brgy Bagong Bayan Mauban Quezon Dr Eriberto Casiño Chairman of Public Administration serves as the resource speaker because of his expertise to the topic The researchers selected this locale because Muban Quezon is the best place for our study The researchers know that the barangay officials and its residents would be active and approachable Also the readiness of the respondents in answering the question

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