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The Blood of Afghanistan KABUL 1981 They could hear It

The Blood of Afghanistan KABUL 1981 They could hear it The sound of the bombs blasting above the roofs of their khona home getting louder and louder Medina was quivering with fear No She couldn't She had to protect her siblings You guys be quiet whispered Medina The bad people are going to come if we make noise Medina Where is mom and dad asked Shayan Medina s younger brother She didn t know how to answer They were running behind them when they were on the way to their khona Then the bombs started Her parents got lost in the crowd of people running for their lives I don t know said Medina But we need to keep moving to the border they would want us to Medina got up and her siblings followed her She opened the door and her jaw dropped What once was a beautiful marketplace became a wasteland in a matter of seconds Her younger sister Leila started to cry and yell at the sight of the wasteland Afghanistan was ruined What once was a beautiful land filled with lush crops and fruits of all colors had vanished Shayan please shut her up now said Medina We can t risk them hearing us Leila mugged her sister 

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