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There is many articles out there in the internet that may catch your attention Although these articles do not contain structured facts they do contain some experiences which the author has the gained through life events Many would say what makes a good argument when you don't have that evidence to back you up In this unit I will be taking a look at two articles of two different perspectives of an argument but which will be the best one In order to determine this one must first look at how does the author's word choice reveal her mood or attitude towards the subject of her life or her opponent s position in an argument In the article Why you re not married Tracy Mcmillan explains the many reasons why her audience which consists of 36 year old women have not yet been married

Although McMillan does not use direct statistics and research she does use her past experiences which reference from ethos by saying I ve been married three times and I was for some reason was born knowing how to get married and tried to convince her audience that she knows about the topic McMillan tries to convince her audience that she's an expert at the topic since she herself had three husbands she also uses example of her son and how he only wants food Kim Kardashian and video games Which means she knows the idea of what guys want McMillan also implies that the way she grew up made her good with knowing traits in men that eventually lead to the marriage part McMillan is very direct and claims to her audience that she knows what she s talking about Another reason why Tracy McMillan's article it s good is because she targets a specific and intended audience McMillan s article stars out with the words do you want to get married there she continues to go on about how it's unfeminist for someone to not have been married at that age McMillan also give an example about how sometimes you go to your brother's wedding and you see the bride happy looking and all you do is get is envy out of it wishing you were her These key components specify a certain group of women If you read the article you can clearly see it s intended for unmarried women around the age of mid thirties McMillan also includes the part where she says you soon hope you can be like that referring to the bride when you see her getting married McMillan is good at targeting her specific audience which her argument much stronger Based on her word choice the Jessica Ravitz sound angry which makes her argument bias After reading Chris McMillan article Ravitz quickly got fired up and confronted

Tracy McMillan saying how her article does not prove how she is single and none of her reasons explain why she hasn't got married yet Although she just ate some experiences of her own why she isn't married yet and ironically this are some of the reasons that McMillan s mentioned in her article Ravitz gave an experience where she was kayaking and one of her boyfriends asked her to marry her maybe you said yes but then freaked out this only proves that she had her own doubts on herself and thought that the relationship wouldn't work out Thus proving that McMillan s point that you re not good enough Which also proves that Ravitz for sure mad Ravitz is angry but wants to commit sorry that she's not making her argument very weak and bias Is Tracy McMillan article credible Tracy McMillan a reporter for The Huffington Post in her article MacMillan gives few reasons why you might be single based on common sense or past experiences One in particular is you re not good enough

This explains that the reader does not think you re not good enough based on looks family or job McMillan also talks about how you see the rich people with their goods looking body Etc This part of the article is important because it explains one of the reasons why Jessica Ravitz single Also the reason is so clear that it could apply to anyone elf her intended audience Therefore McMillan s article is credible since it gives you a real example of what the audience can relate to As you can see you can still make a good come visit article even though you don't not have the facts or information to back your argument As long as you do have experience and know who your intended audience is you can make a convincing article There is many who think otherwise but as long as you have a counterclaim you will be be successful

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