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The Circulatory System

The complexity of the human body is never more evident than within the circulatory system The circulatory system has many structures performs vital functions and also has diseases and disorders that are specific to it The circulatory system works with other systems to deliver oxygen and nutrients to organs and tissues throughout the body This functions as the transportation system of the body The system partners with the digestive respiratory and urinary systems to ensure that the body functions properly and maintains homeostasis There are two types of circulation systemic and cardiopulmonary that the system is responsible for While systemic circulation ensures that blood and the nutrients it carries reaches the entire body cardiopulmonary circulation allows blood to travel to the lungs to gain oxygen Circulation is driven by the heart which acts as a double pump This is possible due to the heart's electrical activity WebMD explains that an electrical message travels through two types of cells in the heart conducting cells that transport the message and muscle cells that cause contractions of the heart muscle The electrical system begins work with the sinoatrial node that causes the atria to contract The signal is then sent to the ventricles by the atrioventricular bundle Following this the Bundle of His carries the signal through the septum and then the Purkinje fibers cause the ventricles to contract The circulatory system is made of blood vessels of which are three different types arteries veins and capillaries The vessels have characteristics that distinguish them from each other Arteries carry blood from the heart under high pressure Because arterial blood is oxygen rich it is bright red Blood leaving the heart travels through the aorta before going to arteries and then arterioles throughout the rest of the body Veins are the opposite of arteries they carry oxygen poor blood to the heart causing the blood to be a darker shade of red

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