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We are currently in the kernel of a technological and computing revolution

We are currently in the kernel of a technological and computing revolution that will drametically change our lives and potentially redefine what it means to be human I am eager at the prospect of devoting my long term career to such a dynamic fast advancing field As a child I was in awe of logic based devices such as videogames computers cell phones and so on Even as i was engrossed in them it occurred to me that what fascinated me the most was the ability of a machine to mimic human thinking It was natural for me to choose computer science as my university predominant part and now as i am towards the end of my undergraduate studies it is my central goal to continue my education in a more competing nonpareil and international environment Being born and brought up in the Baroda the smart city of Gujarat I completed primary education till 10th in ambe school and latter affiliated to center board of secondary education in tree house high school and having lucid bent of mind means that computer science mathematics and english were my favourite subjects In fact right when i started attending higher secondary education it became clear to me that my predilection for computer science and passion to develop and solve large scale industry challenges by contributing to this field were unputdownable I decided to pursue computer engineering and being encouraged from my parents and teachers combined with academic consistency and excellence in information technology fuelled the pursuit of my dream career 

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