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Introduction Mental health is defined as a state of well being in which every individual realizes his or her own potential can cope with the normal stresses of life can work productively and fruitfully and is able to make a contribution to her or his community Stigma may be defined as a process involving labelling separation stereotype awareness stereotype endorsement prejudice and discrimination in a context in which social economic or political power is exercised to the detriment of members of a social group Stigma encompassing major mental health problem creates several barriers People that expertise mental health problem face discrimination and prejudice once dealing homes applying for jobs and accessing mental state services People suffering from mental illness and other mental health problems are among the most stigmatized discriminated against marginalized disadvantaged and vulnerable members of our society Johnstone 2001 p 201 This essay is very important as it will make aware the people about stigmatization of mental health

The aim of this essay is to explain how stigmatization of mental health can affect the individual s ability to seek support by relevant psychological theories Description During the middle Ages individuals with mental health problems were thought of to be living examples of the weakness of human beings The common belief was that mental illness was a result of being unable to stay morally robust Individuals with mental diseases were captive as criminals and on some occasions place to death There are varieties of major or grand theories with reference to understanding mental state Analytical or Developmental Theories According to Cherry 2014 the theories of development provide a framework for thinking about human growth development and learning Behavioural Theories It refers to a psychological approach that emphasizes scientific and objective ways of investigation The approach is merely involved with discernible stimulus response behaviours and states all behaviours are learned through interaction with the environment Cognitive Theories It is the scientific study of the mind as a data processor Psychologists try to build up cognitive models of the data process that goes on within people's minds as well as perception attention language memory thinking and consciousness Social Theories Social psychology looks at a wide range of social topics including group behaviour social perception leadership nonverbal behaviour conformity aggression and prejudice It is important to note that social psychology is not just about looking at social influences Social perception and social interaction are also vital to understanding social behaviour Mental health issues are one of the most causes of the burden of illness worldwide In the UK they are accountable for the biggest burden of disease 28 of the total burden One in four individuals within the UK will experience a mental state problem in any given year A study revealed in 2008 that explored the association between quality mental issues and socio economic standing found that among adults aged 16 64 black

Caribbean and African groups were usually double as seemingly to expertise psychotic disorders compared with their white British counterparts The common psychological state problems embrace depression generalised anxiety disorder panic disorder obsessive compulsive disorder OCD and post traumatic stress disorder PTSD The study based on different surveys about barriers and facilitators of help seeking in young people for mental health problem found that stigma and embarrassment is the most prominent barrier among the all other types Stigma involves three elements an absence of knowledge ignorance negative attitudes prejudice and other people behaving in ways in which disadvantage the stigmatised person discrimination Two main sorts of stigma occur with mental health problem social stigma and self stigma Social stigma conjointly known as public stigma refers to negative stereotypes of those with a mental health issues People with mental health issues will expertise discrimination altogether aspects of their lives not only from society but also from families friends and employers Social isolation poor housing jobless and impoverishment are all joined to mental health problems They may additionally realize that their account is a smaller amount probably to be believed by the police if they report a criminal offense Many people believe that people with mental health problems are violent and dangerous once in reality they are additional in danger of being attacked or harming themselves than harming others The situation is often exacerbated by the media Media reports usually link to mental health problems with violence

They portray individuals with mental state issues as dangerous criminal evil or terribly disabled and unable to measure traditional consummated lives Thus stigma and discrimination will entice individuals in a very cycle of malady A 2011 survey revealed that nearly nine out of ten individuals with mental health issues say that stigma and discrimination have a negative impact on their lives The people with self stigma internalises negative stereotypes among themselves which affects their feelings of self esteem and self efficacy For example an individual blaming himself for his condition may trigger feelings of guilt and shame which he try to avoid by secrecy and social withdrawal They are more reluctant to seek any help Research shows that first hand contact with previous experience of mental health problems are the best way to challenge this stigmatization Variety of national and native campaigns is attempting to alter public attitudes For example Time to Change Moreover the Equality Act 2010 makes it illegal to discriminate directly or indirectly against individual with mental state issues Conclusion The people with mental illness are unable to seek medical support and advice due to stigmatization in the society They are afraid of labelled as crazy which affects their self esteem confidence and ability to seek further mental health services So we all should be supportive and caring towards them in response to tackle this burden of our society

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