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Mental Health is often neglected and misunderstood around the world and continues to afflict many individuals who don t receive adequate treatment Approximately 1 in 25 adults in the U S 9 8 million or 4 0 experiences a serious mental illness in a given year that substantially interferes with or limits one or more major life activities Nami org 2018 I am sympathetic for those who have endured the perilous torment that accompanies unstable mental health due to my own personal struggles The onslaught of chronic neurosis and substance abuse brought me to the brink of death and complete dissociation from reality Fortunately the pitiful and incomprehensible demoralization I experienced lead me to seek help I was able to recover from panic disorder depression and a very sinister drug addiction through intensive therapy rehab working the 12 steps and becoming immersed in the recovery community Millions of people don t have access or the means to afford treatment for mental illness Severe mental illness that does not receive sufficient treatment can be debilitating and in some cases can be fatal The gap in mental health care that plagues our society needs support from organizations capable of reforming a fiercely neglected area of health care provision

My compassion for those who suffer from mental illness and my own personal struggles have motivated me to pursue a career in neuroscience I am currently employed as an addiction recovery mentor but I have aspirations to one day become a cognitive neuroscientist and work for an organization with collective ambitions Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the U S the 3rd leading cause of death for people aged 10 14 and the 2nd leading cause of death for people aged 15 24 Nami org 2018 This is a distressing statistic considering most people never receive adequate treatment for mental illness Advocates for the institution of mental health need to consolidate in order to leverage research and development to address this exigency The organization One Mind is mobilizing efforts to coalesce support for the advancing mental health care One Mind is devoted to leveraging research and development to better diagnose treat and even cure brain disease and injury Shari and Garen Staglin launched One Mind in 2011 by virtue of their son Brandon s diagnosis and recovery from schizophrenia The Staglin family commenced this endeavor to leverage mental health care in 1995 when they organized the inaugural Music Festival for Mental Health to raise significant funds and awareness for mental health One Mind 2018 One Mind has had an extensive impact in promoting research and development for mental illness One mind is partnering with and supporting two large scale multi centered longitudinal studies the 3000 patient TRACK TBI TED studies of traumatic brain and the 5000 patient AURORA study of trauma and post traumatic stress One Mind 2018

The biomarkers being developed via the TRACK TBI and TED studies will enable stratification of the concussion population and define concussion sub types thereby enabling researchers to more effectively match patients to clinical trials and in the end provide precise targets for the development of new therapies and devices to treat TBI One Mind 2018 The National Institute of Mental Health has financed 21 million to fund the AURORA study The AURORA study is currently in the process of collecting and analyzing data from 5000 trauma patients during a 5 year period at 13 U S based enrollment sites making AURORA the largest most comprehensive trauma study ever performed One Mind 2018 One Mind has made a tremendous impact in the furtherance of neuroscience research and development to provide treatment for those suffering from mental illness Similar to One Mind MyMind is another organization advocating mental health care however MyMind s main objective is to provide affordable and accessible therapy to anyone suffering from mental illness MyMind was launched in 2012 by social entrepreneur Krystian Fikert 

According to MyMind s 2014 data analysis the company comprises four national clinics in Dublin Cork and Limerick and a team of more than 80 psychologists offering counseling in 15 languages reported serving over 3 100 clients through their online service Forbes com 2018 Both One Mind and MyMind have revolutionized mental health care development and both have made a substantial impact on those who suffer from mental illness I chose neuroscience as my major because I am fascinated by the mind My dream job would be to become a cognitive neuroscientist and work in coalition with an organization like One Mind Another career outlet I have considered is becoming a therapist The help I received thru therapy and rehab changed my life I believe that my background in science my current academic ventures in neuroscience and my personal struggles with substance abuse and mental illness will enable to me to work in the mental health care field as either a cognitive neuroscientist or a therapist People are so easily enthralled by the external world that we elude from the intricate machine from which the external world arises from that being the mind Like any other machine

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