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Certified Nurse Assistants have one of the most important Roles

Certified Nurse Assistants have one of the most important roles in the medical field Not having a CNA is like a car not having wheels because without them there is no possible way it would function They are what keep the hospital going The responsibility of a CNA is to help clients and patients with healthcare needs under the supervision of a Registered nurse or a Licensed Practical nurse nursing assistant guides In most cases they work in assisted living facilities clinics and of course hospitals but sometimes they provide in home care for more convenience to patients CNA nurses did not come into play until World War I started where Volunteer nurse aide service was established for American Red Cross The quality of nursing homes was improved after Omnibus Reconciliation Act of 1987 and this created a huge demand for CNA professionals across the states CNA buzz Starting in 1942 the nurse aid enlisted almost 212 000 volunteers who completed 42 million hours of service by 1945 after World War II which makes the nurse aid the most successful program of the Red Cross There have been millions of nurses but some nurses that are very well known are

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