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A case study is a method which is used mainly in testing theoretical models that are used in situations in the real world It is used in narrowing down a wide research field into a general researchable topic The discussion below is used to describe the context of the case study its design its purpose and its methodology In today's life there is an existence of a controversial approach of a case study in the collection of data which are recognized widely in most of the social sciences It has a lot of roles in research on issues to deal with sociology education problems based on the community for example increase in unemployment and high rate of poverty illiteracy and drug addiction A case study was recognized as one of the research methods which most of the researchers became more concerned on is the disadvantages of other quantitative methods both in explanation of depths and in the holistic provision of behavioral and social problems Baxter Jack 2008 It is through the case study that the researcher can understand all behavioral conditions and to go beyond quantitative results of statistics

This is achieved by including both qualitative and quantitative data where phenomenon process and outcome are well explained by the case study through observation reconstruction as well as case analysis Design of case study Lack of robustness is the leading critic of the case study Therefore it is imperative to craft the design of a case study There are two designs that a researcher can adopt single case or multiple case design The two cases depending on the issues available in question Single case design can be used in areas where there are no issues available for replication an example of this is the 2004 Tsunami effect in Achel where events are restricted to a single occurrence Single case design has a disadvantage since it is not able to offer a generalized conclusion especially where rare circumstances exist To overcome this one can strangulate the study for confirmation of validity process with other methods On the other hand a multiple case design is adopted with the real life events with various sources of evidence by replication instead of sampling logic It can be taken with real life events that show numerous sources of evidence through replication rather than sampling logic In both designs the generalization of results is based on theory moderately than on populations Replicating of the case helps in raising the confidence level in method robustness For example research on children with a reading problem needs some replication to be linked to the theory before generalizing the results It is important to design a case study through journal entries carefully and interviews A case study can provide proof that only a viable method can include or exclude data from the subjects There is strictness in following of scientific conventions 

The process is suitable for researching the question and finally there is a link between the case study and theoretical framework Purpose of the case study There are various purposes why we use case study method First unlike any other process data investigation is often conducted in the situation of its use This means that within the condition in which a particular activity occurs It might be interested in the instance where a subject understands an authentic text For the researcher to follow the methods used by the reader he must be able to observe all the subjects surrounding him This includes both readings for leisure as well as in the classroom The second purpose of the case study is natural variations collective and instrument approach All these approaches in a case study allow both qualitative and quantitative data analysis Quantitative data obtained from journals contains descriptive behavioral accounts and it is therefore used in longitudinal studies of individual content On the other hand there are various case studies that try to rely on evidence from both categorical and numerical responses It's important to take caution since there has been a lot of confusion on the case study and qualitative research We can as well conclude here that case study is entirely based on qualitative research Lastly the qualitative accounts which are produced in details are not only used in explaining of data in real life but it's used to describe all the complexities experienced in real life that may not be captured in a survey or experimental research methods For instance in the reading of strategies by individual subject a case study does not only give to numerical information that is used in that strategy but it is also concerned with the purpose of the strategic use and the use of that strategy about others Since the behavior of reading involves cognition procedure the examination of each strategy cannot be done in its isolation

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