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Andrew Jackson President of the United States from 1829 to 1837

Question 2 Andrew Jackson was born in a log cabin in the western territories and was the president of the United States from 1829 to 1837 The election of 1824 was nasty all the candidates talked malicious gossip about the other candidates All Jackson opponents accused him as a killer and a simpleton Adams claimed that Jackson was a barbarian Who can hardly spell his own name But still Jackson was the most popular with the people and won the more electoral votes than anyone else 99 Adams that come in second placed with 84 votes they were to close each other that there was not clear majority the election was thrown into the House of Representatives Jackson lose that election because Henry Clay Speaker of the House secure Adams victory One conflict during his presidency was that he attacks the Federal Bank the legacy of Alexander Hamilton Jackson refused to recharter it The president of the bank called Jackson s public veto message a manifesto of anarchy They used the message against Jackson in the election of 1832 But still Jackson won the election In 1836 the bank died as its charter expired Jackson s flamboyant personality and his record as a war hero made him popular with the masses He was the second most popular president among the people at the time Question 3 The Second Great Awakening that began in the North in 1800 and reached a peak in the 1830s The second Great Awakening was the greatest reform movement during the that time These protestant religious led to liberation and democratization of religious and led to an expansion of Baptist Methodist and catholic congregation and new denomination emerged As a result of the second Great Awakening the dominant form of Christianity in America became evangelical Protestantism U S By 1840 almost all the adult population was connected to other church with the Methodists emerging as the largest protestant denomination in both the north and the south

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