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AS AN ENTREPRENEUR INTRODUCTION Mian Muhammad Mansha is the most powerful and inspiring business man in Pakistan Mian Mansha is the living example of continuous struggle dedication and strong believe on Allah He has a leadership quality and he inspires many business leaders in Pakistan as well as outside Pakistan Mian Mansha is a very creative and passionate to implementation of new ideas and creation of solution Mian Mansha is the Pakistan s best business man and a successful entrepreneur He is a good risk taker BIOGRAPHY Mian Mansha was born in Lahore on December 1947 He belongs to a rich chinioti family He spent his early days of life in Faisalabad He moved to UK for his Graduation and he returned back to Pakistan after graduation He joined University of the Punjab to enjoy early business education CAREER Father and uncle of Mian Mansha were established Nishat Textiles Mills in 1951 Mian Mansha came back from London after completing his studies in 1968 After one year his father was passed away and he took over his family business

BUSINESS GROWTH After 1979 Mansha set up Pakistan biggest textile complex in Nishatabad of Faisalabad In later year another textile complex followed in chunian near Lahore Mansha s greatly benefited from privatization of 1990s Mansha owned a commanding position in Adaamjee group biggest non life insurer in Pakistan Nishat mills also acquired 2 thermal plants near its DG khan cement plant located in Dera Ghazi khan which was before owned by Saigol family DG Khan cement company limited of Nishat group is largest cement manufacturing unit in Pakistan Nishat power fulfills internal demand and also generate surplus for supply to Wapda The acquisition of MCB which is the most profitable bank is master stroke of Mian Mansha MCB has connected with Maybank of Malaysia on partnership basis this way they increased foreign investment to Pakistan He has also involved in hotel industry with the name of Nishat hotels Nishat diary limited also part of Nishat group which has best diary form in Pakistan with huge number of imported dairy breeds coupled with experienced management Nishat group also owned Emporium Mall Lahore which is the biggest shopping mall of Pakistan PLANS Nishat group had an agreement with Hyundai motor company is planning to introduce electric and hybrid passenger cars Mr mansha is investing 120m in the project that setup in industrial zone near Faisalabad Nishat dyeing and finishing has signed a joint venture operation with Gulf garments of Bahrain which has 20 year experience It considered to be a largest plant under one roof in region It will lead success of Nishat mill to a great level Mansha has aspiration of acquiring bank in Indonesia and Middle East MCB is already getting in international business and doing international operations 

They also have future plans to introduce in Pakistan major infrastructure projects Interest in Electric power plants based on coal power production of electricity and sea ports CHALLENGES Nishat group has faced many hardships twist and turns in the path of his remarkable success Nishat group had several industrial units in east Pak which they lost in 1970 The general perception was that the privatization of MCB bank to Mian mansha and his associates is due to friendship with the Nawaz Sharif and due to favoritism Many political person attacked privatization process and especially of MCB People living near factory were targeted DG Khan Cement Company And this issue later resolved with discussion and higher security arrangement announced plant Mansha faced all these challenges bravely and with effective planning Due to Mansha s long and rich history of expertise and minimum dependency on other entities Nishat survived As said by someone Life s challenges are not supposed to wrong you they are supposed to help you discover who you are and how far you can go ACHIEVEMENTS AND AWARDS Mian mansha is one of the richest person in the world He was awarded the Sitara e Imtiaz civil award by the president of Pakistan He is the only Pakistani who was selected for special lunch with UK financial times Nishat has been awarded FPCCI by president of Pak Trophy for number of years He is a largest exporter of cotton products in Pakistan NET WORTH Mian mansha is on second rank in the list of richest Pakistanis in estimated net worth Net worth USD Residence Source of Income and wealth Industries 2 6 billion Lahore Nishat Group Emporium Mall MCB Adamjee Group Nishat chiniot Power Textiles Banking Energy Transport CONCLUSION At the end we can say Mian Mansha always turned his struggles into opportunities due to his entrepreneurship Nothing can stop him to achieve his goals One should be brave and courageous enough to take risk and tough decision and boldly accept their consequences as it is one of the most essential components of the spirit of entrepreneurship MIAN MUHAMMAD MANSHA

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