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Michelangelo was the greatest artist of all time Because was considered the greatest a lot of his sculptures and painting where shown and brought by a lot of important people Michelangelo was a renaissance man artist and a sculpture of the high renecenese Many of Michelangelo's paintings and sculptures are mostly famous Around the time Michelangelo was born his father was a Judicial administrator After he was born his family decided to return back Florence because that would always be their home When they returned to Florence his mother later on developed a illness When Michelangelo was six his mother died he was devastated After his mother died Michelangelo moved in with the nanny and her husband The nannies husbands father owned a marble quarry The marble quarry was were Michelangelo gained his love for marble Michelangelo father did not approve of his sons interest of art and wanting to have a career of an artist When Michelangelo was 13 he received an opportunity to apprenticed the painter Domenico Ghirlandaio 

A year later after his apprenticeship Michelangelo begane to catch the attention of Florence s leading citizen and art patron Lorenzo de Medici Lorenzo enjoyed being surrounded around the city's most literate poetic and talented men Lorenzon considered Michelangelo to be a very talented man and that his skills were extraordinary Lorenzo liked Michelangelo work so much as a kid he invited him to stay at his palatial home so he could continue to work on his skill and get even better Michelangelo learned from Lorenzo and was amazed by the writers in Lorenzo s circle Michelangelo work later on would show what he learned about politics in those years His time in the Medici home gave him the opportunity to learn technique under the tutelage who were one of the the keepers of Lorenzo s collection of ancient Roman sculptures He was a sculpture to so Michelangelo expressed his work in many ways like media To Michelangelo he would always consider hims a sculptor first It bothered Michelangelo that his father didn't approve of him wanting to be a artist So he vowed that every piece of work that he created would be the best so he can finally get his fathers approval Michelangelo father new from when michelangelo was young he was different from the rest of the family

Even when michelangelo was 6 and was in school he never really took a interest to school he'd rather watch the painters by the nearby church and draw what he had seen His father then realized he had no interest in family s financial business and agreed to send him to the painter Ghirlandaio to be trained as an apprentice Then Michelangelo started to see his father expecting what he wanted to be so he vowed that every painting and or sculpture that he did would be the best so he could make his father proud Michelangelo belief Michelangelo was largely superstitious if he were alive today he would say he is not influenced but rather inspired by god He felt that god had given him the ability to create art so Michelangelo returned the favor and dedicated his work to god Unlike his contemporary Leonardo Michelangelo was far less analytical of nature and only really cared about representing the human figure This again occurs to manifest and exalt the main creation of god which is man The David for example is a very stylized view on man Michelangelo sculpted him not young as was the convention but already in adult form He makes him in this form because he represent not only the Italian state but the contemporary perspective of man in relation to god Here man is tall big in beautiful proportions ready and determined to take on any challenge If you are looking for something in specific where Michelangelo interprets the bible we have to dig a little more In the Moses for example we can see that he has horns 

This was from an erroneous mistranslation of the bible where it says that Moses had rays of light coming off from his head However on a Latin translation the word cornuta is used which means horned Here Michelangelo used the literal translation and gives Moses horns whereas a halo would have been more appropriate Michelangelo was inspired by God and if you read a biography on him on the net you will find how this inspiration leads to sculpting the pieta Moses the christ as well as paint the ceiling of the Sistine chapel and the last judgment Michelangelo was an amazing artist sculptor poet and architect He is famous for his many sculptures some of them was the statue of David Pieta and Christ on the Cross He is also known for his many years of work painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and the wall of the Sistine Chapel the Last Judgement Michelangelo died February 18, 1564, in Rome Italy He will always be remembered to this day for his famous works of art

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