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The United States was greatly impacted by World War I

Their hands were full With the 19 amendment being passed women were offered a lot more opportunities for a better quality of life With the right to vote women took advantage of their rights with the law Women obtained a better education which in turn caused them to obtain improved jobs and an improved income As gender norms changed not all women wanted to be childbearers After WW1 more and more women started acquiring more jobs which made them more money and gave them a life for themselves Throughout the 1950's birth control was approved causing women to have control over their body and their decision on whether or not to have children Even with the change of gender roles not everything was perfect Soldiers coming home from war often did not have a home to live in or food to eat causing civil unrest and a very messy government After the conclusion of WW1 American lives and homes changed sometimes for the better but sometimes for the worst Woodrow Wilson made a speech to the Congress addressing the increasing problems after the war was over After the war there was a very disorganized government This caused increased prices on food and shelter and increased discrimination against black people and immigrants On the bright side America became a world industrial leader with a booming economy and a massive rise of consumerism for the wealthy This made it even harder for people stricken with poverty to survive during this era Inflation became very high and company owners started to reduce wages This increased protests and violence with laid off or underpaid workers Competition for employment led to racial unrest and race riots causing hatred which spilled over into the Red Scare and the fear of communism The introduction of Prohibition led to the rise of organized crime gangsters increased violence and massive political corruption This messiness and disorganization was often depicted in paintings poems or books People made art in order to display the civil unrest that was happening in the world around them Joseph Stella painted a picture labeled Brooklyn Bridge in order to display an object that depicted what was happening in the New York City after World War I Joseph Stella once said as the shrine bridge painting containing all the efforts of the new civilization of America

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Sociological research theoretical approaches positivism and interpretivism

Sociological research has two main theoretical approaches positivism and interpretivism Positivists take a scientific and quantitative approach to research methodology preferring to focus on the factual knowledge gained through observation Collins 2010 In positivist research studies the role of the researcher is limited to data collection and interpretation through an objective approach and the research findings are usually observable and quantifiable Positivist research depends on quantifiable data that leads to statistical analysis Positivist studies are based purely on facts and consider the world to be external and objective Wilson 2010 Positivists take a deductive and determinists approach to research and focus on purely scientific facts Myers 2008 Unlike positivists interpretivists take a more subjective and qualitative approach to research Interpretivist methods of investigation are based on a naturalistic and holistic approach of data collection Collins 2010 Research tends to be done in greater detail and looks at culture and how people live their lives creating a more accurate and valid representation in their results Myers 2008 Interpretivists believe it is important for the researcher to appreciate differences between people Interpretivist studies usually focus on realism and may employ multiple methods of investigation to get a true reflection of the issue Saunders et al 2012 Sociological research offers a range of possible methods of for investigation including field experiments which provide an interpretivist approach in which field experiments are conducted in natural everyday environments promoting high ecological validity in the study List et al 2014

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