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Hunger of Memory is a book written by Richard Rodriguez in 1982

Of all the readings we have read to date in class about language there is one in particular that I have made a connection with Hunger of Memory is a book written by Richard Rodriguez in 1982 about his early life and education after his family migrated to the United States of America When he was admitted to the Roman Catholic School of elementary education he struggles to learn English since he came from a Mexican background that was only fluent in the Spanish language From what I have read of Richard Rodriguez I have learned about the complex and interesting relations that he developed with the English language Language is one of the most complex elements that is used in people s daily lives as a means of communication between individuals and the world around them One of the aspects that can be portrayed from Richard Rodriguez s Hunger of Memory is the aspect of culture Anyone who reads the book can immediately learn that language makes people open their minds to other s cultures When one learns a new language there is a change in the language tone that occurs It is because languages are spoken in different tones depending on the descent of the speaker

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