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The details of mix proportions used in this Research

The details of mix proportions used in this research are given in Table 1 Ordinary Portland cement type I with high grade 52 5N and silica fume SF were used as cementitious materials The chemical compositions and physical properties of the cementitious materials used are listed in Table 2 For all test specimens a W C of 0 18 was applied Sand with grain size smaller than 0 6 were used Natural crushed basalt graded from 1 18 mm to 10 0 mm max nominal size was used as a coarse aggregate To improve fluidity a high performance water reducing agent Sikament NN super plasticizer SP was added to investigate the effect of steel fiber volume fraction and aspect ratio on the mechanical properties steel fibers with a length of 30 mm and a diameter of 1 0 mm and steel fibers with a length of 50 mm and a diameter of 1 0 mm were considered in three different volume fractions 0 1 2 and 3 with aspect ratios 50 and 30 leading to seven series of test specimens The properties of steel fiber are presented in Table 3 The test specimens were cured at clean tab water for 28 days Compression test The compression test was carried out on cube specimens 100 100 100 mm and cylinders with 100 mm diameter and 200 mm height after 28 days curing 

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Academic Writing US PRESIDENT VS UK PRIME MINISTER The United States President and United Kingdom Prime Minister are arguably the two most powerful elected leader in world But we want to know who really is the most powerful We are going to discuss and compare their powers So we are going to learn their similarities and differences between them Both the United States President and United Kingdom Prime Minister occupies a unique position not only in their respective political systems but also in the world as whole The United States President is elected for 4 years On the other hand UK Prime Minister is elected for 5 years The United States President cannot be removed before expiry of a period of 4 years unless impeached earlier by the Congress but is a very difficult and impracticable procedure Meanwhile United Kingdom Prime Minister depends for his term of office upon House of Commons The upcoming President he or she often starts with primary election The candidate who wins the most primary elections is formally presented as the party's candidate at a national convention

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A Porter's Diamond is used Worldwide

Porter's Diamond for Volkswagen A Porter's Diamond is used worldwide which studies why some countries are better than others in certain industries Michael Porter presented the diamond which showed different factors why some countries are at an advantage Porter 1990 Porter's diamond is shown below which signifies the elements that are seen as the influential aspects of national comparative economic advantage In this section a Porter's diamond analysis has been conducted on Volkswagen and their scandal which started in September 2015 BBC News 2015 One of the concepts of the model is factor conditions which refers to the resources available in the country Mulder 2016 This would include resources such as the factors of production which includes land labour capital and enterprise Simple natural resources include climate minerals and oil as the flexibility of the factor is low within these This is because although they set a basis for international competitiveness they are unlikely to produce anything into actual value creation without the advanced factors Rugman and Collinson 2012 Advanced factors are usually specific to the market but include aspects such as research skills and scientific-technical or market knowledge Rugman Collinson 2012 p 303

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