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My Ideal Career

My ideal career is a forensic pathologist A forensic pathologist also known as a medical examiner are physicians that examine bodies that have died suddenly violently or unexpectedly It involves you determining the cause and manner of death I became interested in wanting to become a forensic pathologist by watching crime shows like NCIS Law and Order and Criminal Minds I knew I wanted to do something in medicine but being a surgeon or oncologist you have your patient's life in your hands But being a forensic pathologist you don't have that pressure of saving their lives because all your patients are dead I wouldn’t be able to handle that pressure Skills that are important to a forensic pathologist is having good communication skills science skills analytical skills detail orientation a strong stomach and thick skin and a mind of a detective I believe I possess most of the skill but communication skill being what I don't possess I have always enjoyed science and math so I have done well in those classes But building my communication skills is something I must work on 

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