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CT Machines Review

Emergency room physicians are able to quickly and correctly diagnose traumatic injuries due to the use of imaging but there is a lack of clarity on what imaging modalities and exams to perform for specific anatomy involved The most critical areas affected by trauma are the head cervical spine thorax abdomen and pelvis Head trauma may include facial fractures or brain injuries but there is a dispute on what modalities to use for both types of injuries Diagnosis of cervical spine trauma can help with better patient outcomes and knowing how to image the C spine can help prevent more damage from happening For thoracic abdomen and pelvic trauma the modality to use is widely agreed upon it is primarily imaged with plain film radiographs and CT Using the appropriate imaging for traumas allows for accurate evaluation of injuries in order to guide patient care When there are head injuries facial fractures are common to be there with nasal fractures being the most common fracture seen Imaging facial fractures is not always required since the doctor is able to do a physical examination but that exam cannot determine how complex a fracture is However when imaging is required for facial fractures there is dispute as to what modality to use While plain film imaging was the go to for facial fractures in the past it was found by Baek et al that with CT 100 of nasal fractures were able to be visualized compared to only 82 on film cited in Vela Wertz Onstott Wertz 2017 pg 264 Many still claim that minor fractures can be missed on CT when compared to radiographs but this was with lower slice CT machines Traumatic brain Injuries TBI are a leading cause of death in traumas but doctors disagree if CT or MRI should be used to visualize it CT can detect hemorrhage edema etc but small lesions sometimes can fall out of the resolution of CT This makes MR better to use in this instance MR imaging takes a lot longer to perform and with TBI time is important

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