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Monuments Men Based on a true story of what was a treasure hunt in its most basic definition The Monuments Men by Robert Edsel portrays a hand selected World War II platoon on a mission that sends them to all edges of Western Europe in order to retrieve artistic masterpieces stolen by the Nazis and return them to their original owners This special force of American and British museum curators directors art historians and others scoured Europe for these stolen pieces of art while often unarmed and behind enemy lines All the while attempting to prevent the destruction of over 1000 years of global culture The people that sacrifice their life were scholars Also it was their choice to participate in this mission I agree with Robert Edsel when he shares the stories of preserving a culture s churches shrines statues pictures documents other collections and things that are important by people because it would give this history arts to the next generation and can be appreciated by the people who risk their life s For examples this artwork is beautiful people that put effort on it and it is part of the history It is also a part of the country to which it belongs I also believe the risk of saving these artifacts is worth a person's life because it is important for our history and our lives The main character in the story was highly educated 

One of them is Frank Stokes leader of Monuments Men He also persuades President Roosevelt that victory will have little meaning if the artistic treasures of Western civilization are lost So he assembled an Army unit that he nicknamed Monuments Me They were comprising museum directors curators art historians and an architect to both guide Allied units and search for stolen art to return it to its rightful owners They were trained basic training behind the shores and on the front Men and Women who participated in the mission were Ronald Edmund Balfour Henry Ettlinger Walker Hancock Walter Hutch Hutcthausen Lincoln Kirstein Robert Posey James j Rorimer George Stout Rosse Valland Flora Bobio Jenny Detsaud Nouganet Gallen and Celia Dignam James Rorimer believed in sacrificing his time position and personal life just to save the art that was stolen by the Nazi While in Paris Rorimer had an auspicious encounter with Rose Valland an art historian an employee of the Galerie Nationale du Jeu de Paume During the German occupation of France the Reichsleiter Rosenberg Taskforce the Nazi organization in charge of the systematic looting of art and cultural artifacts designated the Jeu de Paume museum as the central location for storing and sorting their stolen treasures Today Rose Valland is a national hero Valland was put in paid service and became the overseer of the Jeu de Paume Museum at the time of the German occupation of France While the Nazi plundering was being carried out Rose Valland began secretly recording as much as possible of the more than 20 000 pieces of art brought to the Jeu de Paume Museum Valland kept secret from the Germans the fact that she understood German In fact she never formally studied this language but some trips in Germany in the 1920s and 1930s had helped her to get a good grasp of a then widely used scholarly language Valland regularly informed Jacques Jaujard the Director of the Musėes Nationaux about the status of Nazi art looting In addition for four years she kept track of where and to whom in Germany the artworks were shipped and risked her life to provide information to the French 

Resistance about railroad shipments of art so that they would not mistakenly blow up the trains loaded with France s priceless treasures Valland confronted a Nazi art thief Stall who shot at her She stood in defiance and was not hit She knew what she was doing Likewise Monuments lead Man George Stout museum director and soldier shifted his mission once he became aware of Hitler s dream They needed to rescue the art This took them into the enemy territory They risked their lives mines land mines booby traps 40 tons of art markers and Madonna They negotiated with soldiers and officers They were highly resourceful transported maps and people The Monument is a vital film whose basis is a real life story It helps the audience understand the events of the World War II It features men called the monument men who made an initiative to recover the stolen artwork from Hitler returning them to respective owners This is a realistic story and it enables the audience to comprehend the way people from various countries opted to protect their cultural artifacts voluntarily during World War II in order to preserve the contemporary society s heritage

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