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Setting personal goals for yourself is a very Important

Setting personal goals for yourself is a very important thing in order to progress further in life Whether it be goals oriented towards your career family or any personal matters A key factor in reaching these goals that you set for yourself is having a good ability to manage your time Benjamin Franklin said By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail Wallen To better prepare yourself and your ability to manage your time it can be very helpful to break down your personal goals into long term goals and short term goals I have three of my own personal long term goals that I would like to achieve in the next five years These long term goals are 1 reaching higher levels of education 2 progressing to more advanced career opportunities and 3 being able to live comfortably and financially stable while also being able to travel Breaking down each of my long term goals into individual short term goals can be an effective way to accomplish them Benjamin Franklin also said an Investment in Knowledge Pays the Best Interest Marcus In order to accomplish my first long term goal of enhancing my education

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