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Most people say Tom Brady is one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play in the National Football League he has an over the top passion for football and says he could probably play for up to five more years Tom Brady has plenty of commitment to his craft and he is determined to be the best While Tom wants to be the best he also understands the importance of teamwork and will rather do something to help the team rather than himself These are just a few of many why Tom Brady is a great player and leader Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr was born on the third of August 1977 he grew up in San Mateo a suburb of San Francisco in California with his three older sisters and his parents Thomas and Galynn Brady Growing up he loved watching The San Francisco 49ers and he viewed The 49ers star quarterback Joe Montana a role model of his Tom played baseball in grade school and played football at Junipero High School Tom was the star varsity quarterback in high school but he was also amazing at baseball and received multiple college offers for football and baseball Tom really enjoyed baseball but he decided to go to

The University of Michigan and play quarterback for The Wolverines from 1995 1999 Tom was surprised to find himself cheering his teammates on from the bench because he wasn't put in as the starting QB he wasn't even good enough to be backup QB Tom Brady was the third string QB behind Scott Driesbach and Brian Griese In his second year he and Griese were battling for the starting position Tom was given a couple chances to play as starter but performed poorly and lost the starting job to Brian Griese With all this going on you would think Tom would start falling behind with his classes but he actually was a phenomenal student and was very popular on campus By his senior year Tom finally was named starting quarterback for the Wolverines In his senior year he showed great potential and led The Wolverines to the Orange Bowl and won it He finished his college career with amazing stats and going into the NFL National Football League draft he was almost certain he'd be a big prospect for NFL teams He watched the 2000 NFL Draft go by and see rounds one two three four five and watched as the picks became more insignificant

He grew very frustrated because he knew he was good and really wanted to fulfill his lifelong dream of playing in the NFL Finally in the 6th round for the 199th overall pick The New England Patriots drafted Tom Brady His rookie season was not exactly exciting He was the 4th string QB but eventually going into his 2nd season he worked up to the backup role The Patriots had a starting quarterback in Drew Bledsoe but in the season opener in Brady s second year Drew Bledsoe was knocked out putting in Brady as starting QB Tom Brady led The Patriots to The Super Bowl and won it In just his second year in The NFL Tom Brady had won The Super Bowl and has also been crowned Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady would go on to win four more Super Bowls with The New England Patriots get awarded Super Bowl MVP in of three of those he's won League MVP Most Valuable Player in 2007 and 2010 and will go on to lead his team to fourteen divisional titles which are the most ever by a quarterback According to Doeden it was never easy for Tom even in college when he was frustrated to find he did not even have the opportunity to start until his senior year he made the best out of every situation and even though he could have quit he did not because he was determined to be the best The Article This Is 40 describes how much

Tom values his teammates and how important teamwork is In Five Will Get You Zen it shows Tom Brady s pure excellence and how he will do everything to be great Tom married Gisele Bundchen February 26 2009 Brady and Bundchen have three children In my research I could not find any more information about his family Tom just recently won his fifth Super Bowl of his career and continues to play extraordinarily posting amazing statistics every single year He is even favored to win the 2017 MVP He's won the Madden NFL 18 video game cover vote and has officially taken on the name as the G O A T Greatest of All Time This is all why Tom Brady will always be one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time He continues to win awards He has accomplished much in his career and he is not done He plans to play for five more years and he is and will always be the gold standard for quarterbacks

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