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Observed reading and writing classes in ESL Services

On December 18th and 19th I observed reading and writing classes in ESL Services I had the wonderful pleasure of being placed in Mrs Amela Omeragic s classroom at Fox Elementary School located in Arnold Missouri She and her students were very welcoming and increased my desire to teach in different ways With this experience I have enhanced my teaching skills social relationship with students and being able to manage the classroom I learned very quickly in his classroom The first group of students greeted me as soon as they walked in the classroom and asked me if I spoke Spanish I informed them that I did and that I was very excited to be part of their class for the day One of the students began speaking to me in Spanish and Mrs Omeragic quickly corrected her and asked her to speak to me in English which she did I would ve answered her in English regardless of Mrs Omeragic s remark because I believe that they should practice English at all times During the third group I was invited serve as an interviewee in her lesson We sat down for a few minutes to discuss her class objectives policies and procedures Mrs Omeragic informed me that her ELL classes were small which made the learning teaching procedure all the more effective because of the time she was able to dedicate to the students individually 

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