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As a qualitative study data collection Methods

Data Collection As a qualitative study data collection methods such as semi structured interviews surveys questionnaires and focus group sessions are often utilized For this proposed research study a combination of semi structured interviews together with questionnaires will be employed as Gibbs 2007 pointed out using both methods offers flexibility as well as enhances the quality of data generated The use of semi structured interviews and questionnaires will also ensure that what is missed in one method can be discovered in the other A total of twenty participants will be recruited for this study Out of this number fourteen will be individuals with wound attending the outpatient wound clinic while the rest six will be nurses that are treating them The patients will be served with the questionnaires which will be designed to ensure ease of response by ticking appropriate boxes A template of the questionnaires is available in appendix 1 On the other hand the nurses will participate in the semi structured interview session the questions designed for this session are equally available in appendix 2 A variety of sampling methods employed in a qualitative research include random sampling stratified sampling and others can potentially be used in a study of this nature 

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