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Hey Boo RadleyTo Kill a Mockingbird and I was just Wondering

Hey Boo Radley My name is ass I don’t know really know you but I just finished reading To Kill a Mockingbird and I was just wondering why they called Jean Scout This is a very important topic because it's good to know why they call her Scout and there's always a backstory or reasons to a nickname It would be very interesting to know the backstory or the reasons why she was given the name Scout By knowing Jean s name can help you understand her traits and why she acts the way she acts This topic is going to be interesting because you are gonna get to understand Scout more and her ways There can be many reasons why she was given the name Scout and I found out some evidence on why she is called Scout In evidence one I found that from the beginning of the story Scout shows her very courageous spirit On the first day of school Scout gives information to her new teacher Miss caroline about Walter Cunningham and the Ewells Scout questioned why Miss Caroline was so angry that she knew how to read and that Scout's dad lets her read the Mobile Register Really Miss Caroline Why would would you be mad for that it makes no sense Anyways later on she questioned her dad about the Ewells and why they keep her kids outside of school This evidence shows that Scout is very curious questioning and looking for the truth This is important because this shows how Scout acts and a reason why she is named Scout Another example is when Scout decides to stop the tense situation when a mob comes to the jail house In that scene Scout displays bravery and it shows she's not afraid to mark her new territory After the situation Scout courageously walks over to Mr Cunningham to speak to him one on one Scout's father taught her to get one person out of the group and address them individually 

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