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Competitive advantage can be defined as a Supremacy

Assignment 1 Chapter 1 1 Competitive advantage can be defined as a supremacy achieved by an organization when it can provide same quality products as its competitors at lower price or for premium price by providing greater quality output through product differentiation A company can be a market leader now but to maintain that position it should have strategy planning sharp vision to reach targets and very good business operations All these are required to build sustainable competitive advantage In other words a company seeking competitive advantage must target larger markets differentiate its offerings from others to increase market value and establish brand reputation For example if we consider Honda automobile manufacturer it has gained competitive advantage strong brand name and customer satisfaction by offering reliable vehicles which provide high fuel efficiency quality and excellent value for money in terms of features and specs for the offered price and have good resale value for the same reasons 2 Strategy planning is a process implemented by an organization to develop a strategic plan for achieving long term goals Each organization will have its own approach for strategic planning model based on the situational analysis An organization can adopt multiple strategic planning models in different iterations to reach the goal There is no single strategic planning model that fits for all organizations An organization must Analyze its strengths and weaknesses in internal and external environments Identify opportunities and threats 

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Nissan is an automobile corporation that started back in 1933

Introduction Nissan is an automobile corporation that started back in 1933 and is based in Japan The Nissan corporation is one of the best automobile corporations in the globe However the corporation is exposed to several challenges ranging from operational to environmental disasters The most notable disaster in the corporation's history was the Tsunami that hit Japan on March 11 2011 and nearly paralyzed the country's economy Schmidt 2013 The corporation utilizes several operations managements functions which played a very significant role in its recovery from the Tsunami disaster It is these operations management functions that have enabled the corporation to grow into a multinational corporation with outlets in several countries Generating Value The Nissan company's vision is to ensure customer satisfaction One of the operations management functions that Nissan has utilized is proper inventory analysis Slack 2015 Inventory analysis has reduced costs resulting from overproduction The efficiency of the Nissans inventory system has been key to the corporation's success In addition Nissan offers a wide range of products for its customers depending on the tastes and preferences By doing so the company has been able to satisfy its customer base over the years Nissan has had an edge over its competitors which is as a result of their operations management Nissan has achieved this competitive factor through two major methods

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